Team Meet and PSW Review

It was great to see everyone get off the blocks at their first meets of the year this past weekend! Our Pre-Competitive, Competitive and Regional swimmers raced at our Hollyburn Team Meet on Friday afternoon and our LMR qualified swimmers in Pursuit, Senior, Junior and Competitive raced at the Pacific SeaWolves Invitational in Surrey over the weekend!

Hollyburn Team Meet Review

It was great to see everyone on deck for our Hollyburn Team Meet on Friday afternoon before our fundraiser! We had a very good turnout and there was great energy on deck throughout the meet. Congratulations to the swimmers who raced for Hollyburn for the first time – Bardia, Calais, Roja, Liam, Harris, Rosemilor, Morris, Salabowa, Kayan and Evan! We also had some really strong 100m Individual Medleys from our more experienced swimmers, great work by Bardia, Emma, Kai, Phillipa, Jonathan, Eric Evelyn and Mia!

Thanks to our swimmers from Junior, Senior and Pursuit who helped run the meet!

100% Best Times
Bardia, Cameron, Calais, Dela, Roja, Liam, Harris, Rosemilor, Emma, Aiden, Morris, Salabowa, Edison, Ryan, Kayan, Evelyn, Rickie, Zijie, Madelyn, Evan, Mia


PSW Invitational Review

Our swimmers focused on our main racing skills we have been working on in training in their races. Swimmers were focused on their under water travel, increasing their speed into their walls and putting in more effort in the 3rd and 4th quarter of their races. On Saturday the swimmers really tried to be long in their under water travels out of every dive and turn and keep their splits close in the first half and second half of their race by increasing stroke rates and picking up their effort on the 3rd quarter of their swims. Shae, Stella, Chloe, Alessandra, Brooke, Atria, Meghan, Emily, Olivia, Keala, Marcus, Josh and Lucas were all very good getting farther from their under water travel throughout their 100s on Saturday! We had some great splitting (fast second halves) from Esme, Rebecca, Stella, Atria, Brooke, Declan, Tiger, Lucas and Josh! We train to swim the 200m Freestyle well and we had really strong early season swims from all of our swimmers. Stella, Shae, Rebecca, Esme, Alessandra, Atria, Brooke, Marcus, Declan, Tiger and Josh all raced to best times in the 200m Freestyle! 200m Individual Medley is a big event for our younger swimmers and many of them got off to a great start! Great swimming by Alessandra, Shae, Esme, Stella, Addison, Rebecca, Declan, Marcus and Josh all raced to best times! In the 50m Freestyle we had a ton of swimmers break 40 seconds for the first time, congratulations to Chloe, Esme, Rebecca, Stella, Addison, Declan and Marcus! Alessandra and Josh also had big drops! A big congratulations to Josh who raced to two new SwimBC Provincial Championships time standards and Atria who got her first qualifying time for the SwimBC Age Group Championships! This was an important meet for our swimmers to see where they are at to start the season. Focusing on racing skills doesn’t always translate to best times but it sets a base for the swimmers to build on as we move forward.

A few things we can work on as a team before the next swim meet. Make sure all swimmers are on deck on time to start activating. These activations are important and we also want to have time for team meetings before everyone starts warming up. Plan ahead to arrive a few minutes early so that swimmers are in their swim suit and team gear ready to go when they are supposed to be. In swimmers races I was really happy with the effort to go farther with under water travel off each wall, now we need to keep kicking through their first few breakout strokes to keep their speed up when they surface! Turns are always a skill that needs work, generally we do them quite well when they are the only focus but that has to happen on every turn through practice so that good turns are a habit the swimmers don’t have to think about. When you are racing there is not enough time to think about everything throughout the race so having good habits to fall back on is really crucial! We also have way too many swimmers circle swim in their races, up the right side of their lane and back the left side. This is how we do most practices since we don’t want to run into other swimmers, but not the fastest way to race. Pick a side of the lane, or stay in the middle and go straight back and forth!

Overall it was a great experience and our LMR swimmers will now be racing some longer events when we head to Langley on November 2-3.

100% Best Times
Josh D, Addison G, Declan M, Shae M, Atria Z, Marcus Z

75%+ Best Times
Rebecca H, Esme J, Alessandra M, Chloe V

New Time Standards

SwimBC Provincial Championships
Josh DeCoteau 50m Freestyle, 200m Freestyle

SwimBC Age Group Championships  
Atria Zehtab       100m Butterfly