Good Afternoon.  

Starting tomorrow FRIDAY PRACTICES ARE OPEN FOR ALL SWIMMERS!! We are going to try some new ideas for Friday practices and I hope that it will help all our swimmers improve and get to know others on the team better.

Our friday practices will have a bit different format. All levels will start at 5:00. We will do our dynamic warmup on the deck as typical for the first 5-10 minutes. Then we will break into lanes, not based on ability, but what the swimmer wants to work on. Then, with a bit of direction from coaches, the older ones will help demonstrate and assist the youngers ones with those skills.

I am a huge believer that an effective way to learn, is to teach a skill. We will do this for about 20-25 minutes, then do something more fun, Level 1 Will be done at 6:00, Level 2 end at 6:15, Level 3 ends at 6:30. They will do some distance after they have worked on their skills to finish up practice.

Some of the skills that I hope we can improve on using this is not just stroke refinement, but turns, underwaters, more. All of the kids need more time and work on those skills.

I hope that making this change will increase attendence at these practices as well. These should be fun practices that the kids should look forward too.


There is no practice on Sunday, due to the swim meet this weekend. Good Luck to all those swimming this weekend!