Prelims finals vs timed finals
We have some questions about Prelim/ Finals (P/F) vs Timed Finals (T/F) events. P/F event are more common for older swimmers but younger swimmers do have P/F events at the state meet. In part this is why we developed the format of our Fall Classic meet to help the younger swimmers understand this kind of meet. The information below applies to the fall classic meet the number of swimmers advancing to finals will vary for other meets. 
Prelim/ Finals events - All swimmers who signed up for a particular event will swim that event in prelims. The top 16 times from the prelim session will advance to the finals session in the evening where they will swim the event again to determine the final places. 
Timed finals events - All swimmers who are signed up for a particular event will swim it only once. Their time from the event will be compared to the swimmers in all the heats to determine the final places. 
For fall classic the 12 & Under events will be P/F except for the 200 Stroke events which will be T/F with the top 8 seeded swimmers swimming in the finals session and all other swimming in the prelims session. 13 & over (Open) events will be timed finals all swimming in the Mid day session. 
You will notice the CW meet in December has P/F from the 13 Over swimmers and T/F for the 10 Under swimmers and both for the 11-12 swimmers. You will also notice that there are different number of swimmers advancing to finals than at our meet. For the CW Meet there are also qualifying times for the P/F events, meaning the swimmer must have achieved the qualifying time in order to swim that event in the meet. 11-12's who are new to this and not sure what to do should chat with their lead group coach to help choose events. They can NOT swim in both the Prelim and mid day session in the same day.