Weekly Update 10-31-19

Weekly Update 10-31-19

*** REMINDER – Parents / Grandparents / Legal Guardians / Babysitter’s are NOT allowed to be on the pool deck or in the locker rooms at any time during swim practices unless in the case of an emergency that a coach calls them down onto the deck.  This is an insurance liability so please, if you must speak with or give your swimmer something, get their coaches attention and the coach can assist.

Upcoming Meetings / Dates:

  • The deadline to sign up for Chicago Wolves Hockey Night is Friday, November 15th by the end of Platinum group practices at 8:30 pm.  Form and money is due at this time.  Because we have to send this information in ONE order to the Chicago Wolves we will not be able to take late orders, so please turn in prior to the deadline.
  • Next parent meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 4th at 5:30 pm in the Wellness Room.
  • Club Sponsorships can be turned in year round, however, in order to make the banner and T-shirt deadline all forms and monies need to be turned into the black box or a BOD member, no later than Friday, December 13th.   Link to Sponsorship Form

Upcoming Deadlines / Meet Sign Ups:

  • DUNE Rumble In The Region Invitational @ Chesterton High School
    • Deadline to register, either commit, decline, or adjust, is Monday, November 11th  
    • This meet is open to ALL of our club swimmers and ENCOURAGED for all
    • Once the deadline passes, no additions or deletions will be made…..please sign up now if you intend on having your swimmer swim and DO NOT MISS the registration
  • CPSC TYR Winter Timed Final Invitational @ Crown Point High School 
    • This meet is still in the process of being set up and you will receive an email soon announcing the opening of the sign ups
    • Deadline to register, either commit, decline, or adjust, is Monday, December 2nd
    • This meet is open to ALL of our club swimmers and ENCOURAGED for all

Miscellaneous Reminders:

  • The pictures are in!  Next week, on Monday, we will begin distributing the pictures taken at the Team Picture Day.  Coach John will be in the stands passing out those pictures for those that ordered them.  Please come see him.
  • Starting Monday, November 4th, we will tentatively reopen the boys locker room for full use during practices.  There is one caveat.  If ANY situation, like the one that caused it to be closed earlier, happens again, then it will be closed for the remainder of the season.
  • Saturday Practices:  Both Gold & Platinum (as well as those Non-HS Elite Group swimmers) groups will have Saturday AM practices offered to them this season on weekends where we do not have an Invitational or meet scheduled.  They will run from 8-10 am unless there is a conflict at those times.  This practice will be included when attendance percentages are configured.
  • PARENTS – Please refrain from coaching your swimmers from the stands.  This is a distraction for our swimmers, especially our young ones. 
    • When you take their attention away from their coaches, they may miss some vital information OR we may have to make an extra effort to get their attention back to us, wasting valuable time.
    • What you may be saying to them may NOT be what we are wanting them to do or the way we want them to do it.
    • The bond between the swimmer and coach is extremely valuable in their development.  When the swimmers don’t trust to listen to the coaches for advice but choose to listen to the parents, that bond is broken and development the proper way can be an uphill battle
    • While we know you want the best for your young athletes, so do we.
    • Please let the coaches do the coaching.
  • When signing your swimmers up, please do not use the notes section for event requests.  The events selected for all meets is at coach’s discretion only.  Requests will most likely not be taken into consideration unless it is for an injury reminder.  Please DO use this section to inform coaches of entry limits due to financial constraints or if a swimmer will be unavailable for relays for any day of that meet.