Montrose Recap

 Hello Aspen Families,

There were many great swims and best times, as well as lots of smiles and laughter at the Montrose Fall Invite last weekend. Thank you Aspen swimmers and parents.  Our athletes are in the middle of very heavy training at the moment, so we asked them to swim tired and race tough.  Every one of our kids gave all they had, on every race!  We are becoming a very disciplined team and it is certainly evident in our details (starts, turns, streamlines, breakouts, and finishes).  Details are important to swimming success and we are showing dramatic improvement.  This was just our second meet; never the less we are again setting records.  Gavin Boggs set a pool record on every day of the meet in Montrose.  And at our last meet in Aspen, Bennett Jones set a pool record in 400IM, and Shea Card set a pool record in the 100Bk.  We are off to a great start this season, and we are looking forward to all that comes next!

Thanks for a great weekend Aspen Swim Families.  (We had 34 people attend our team dinner on Sat evening in Montrose – Great Fun!)

Special request from Tom and Becky:

Our practices are very full and the swimmers are our priority.  While we are coaching kids in the water, please limit your discussion with the coaches on deck. You can certainly ask a quick question during warm-up (at the beginning of practice) if you need to, otherwise email is best. The worst time for a conversation is at 5:00 when Bronze gets out, and at 5:30 when Silver gets out.  That is when the older swimmers start their main set (the really hard work that they need). 

See you around the pool,

Coach Becky