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RENO News - 11/18/19

Good Morning,

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We are still on our back-up schedule. I checked with the City of Reno last week for an update. They do not have anything new to report. They are still hoping for a December 11 reopen. I will keep you posted. Thank you for your patience during this crazy time. 

Click here for our current back-up schedule.

Julie Belflower – Head Age Group Coach

I am excited to announce that Coach Julie is Reno Aquatic Club’s new Head Age Group coach! Julie has been coaching with us since August, and I have been very impressed with her knowledge, attitude, energy, and ability to connect with the swimmers. She has 20+ years of coaching experience and has had an integral part in helping develop some very successful swimmers. 

She will be overseeing the younger swimmers to be sure they have the proper technique, work ethic, and mindset to be ready to transition into the higher groups. I am very excited for Julie’s new role. She will be very important in helping us achieve our goal of being the top team in the area.

Julie will be primarily coaching the Pre-Senior and Orange groups but will be involved with the lower groups, especially with new coach training and programming. As I mentioned at the parent meeting in August, a goal for this year is to create a better-defined structure and terminology among the groups. Julie will play a big part in achieving this goal.

Parent Meeting for Pre-Senior, Orange, Junior, White – Thursday at 6 PM

With Julie being in her new role, she would like to have a parent meeting this Thursday at 6 PM.  This meeting will be for parents of swimmers in the Pre-Senior, Orange, Junior, and White groups. Please meet in the upstairs bleachers at the UNR Pool. Julie would like to discuss the season plan and expectations for the groups.  

Michelle Peirce – New White and Junior Coach

I am also excited to announce that Michelle Peirce will be joining the RENO staff and coaching the Junior and White groups. Growing up, Michelle swam in Carson City and for Reno Aquatic Club. Professionally, she has worked as a teacher and for the school district and has been eager to return to the pool deck. She has many years of coaching experience with all ability levels. I am looking forward to having Michelle on staff!

Other Staff Updates

Thankfully, Coach Melanie will be with us for another couple of months before she moves to England. Melanie will be with the team through the end of January. During this time, she will be coaching primarily the Senior group, but will be assisting when needed with the other groups.

Susan S. is doing a phenomenal job with our two developmental groups, the Blue and Mini RENO groups. I have seen outstanding progress with those swimmers, and it will be exciting to see how much more they improve.

A big thank you to all the coaches for doing a great job getting their swimmers ready for State! Losing Northwest four weeks before the State meet was very challenging, but all of our coaches did an outstanding job getting the swimmers prepared under less than ideal conditions. Thank you coaches for all your hard work!

One more quick note… during the Northwest closure – especially when we are at UNR – with the limited pool space we are having to have coaches coach two groups at once. This is not ideal, especially for the Pre-Senior groups and below, but we have to make it work for the short-term. Once Northwest reopens, the goal is to have a schedule where a coach only has one group in the water at a time (Pre-Senior groups and below). Thank you for your understanding of this situation.

Thank You, Parents

Finally, a big thank you to all the parents for your support during the Northwest Pool closure. I know how tough it can be having a different schedule/routine and later practices than normal. It’s far from ideal, but we are making it work thanks to our outstanding parents.

I have lofty goals for the team… we still have a long road ahead to achieve those goals, but we are making incremental improvements each day. Thank you to the coaches and parents for your support!