Thanksgiving practice and Swim4Funz$


Updates November 19th

The team travels to Northview High School this weekend with a team of 62 swimmers, our largest travel group to date this weekend. GO BREAKERS!!!

Upcoming practices/changes :

Friday 22nd is on for any remaining BII and Seniors, but no Saturday practice. Coach Chris Corrado will be running this practice for this Friday.

Thanksgiving Week practice

  • Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday -normal times at regular spots
  • Thanksgiving Day OFF
  • Friday Blue II/Senior will swim 9:00-11:00 am at WEST
  • Saturday Senior 8:30-10:00

Our annual Fundraiser Swim4Fundz$ is right around the corner

Date: December 17,2019 at WEST pool, all groups

  • Packets will be handed out beginning today November 19th.  This event serves a purpose of raising money for the team but a greater purpose of a sense of accomplishment for even our youngest swimmers, who swim their hearts out during their allotted time.
  • This yearly event helps fulfill your family fundraising commitment of a minimum of $50.  Kids earn cool prizes for each level of $ collected.  We will also recognize the swimmer that swims the most lengths in their group. 
  • Our goal is participation, similiar to our volunteer commitment, but families will be billed $50 for not joining in.
  • We will have a job signup, for lap counters, and also for food as we feed those hungry swimmers after they swim!!!


  • $75 win a cool RED, WHITE AND BLUE fade, steel water bottle, durable, nice, sustainable and will keep things cold and warm. We will label each swimmer’s name on the bottle. (or you may choose Breakers custom socks that we gave out last year-supplies limited)
  • $175  A custom RED fleece blanket with GTBY logo and your swimmer’s first or last name. over $175 we pull the top prize winners in each group and they get to select from a new RED/BLUE splice parka, Custom Speedo warmup or $100 VISA card.

Group winners: we will choose the average$$ won for each group (as some groups swim shorter times). This group will earn a water game day/ party during their practice time.(last year BLUE I won a root beer float party!)

What is the fundraising used for?

Our fundraising pays for all our jointly used equipment, which is added to each year. In addition, our team banquet, (rental of facility, DJ and all awards) , awards for our home meet, are paid for as well. 


Is to purchase mechanical hardware for our starting blocks called rails and wedges, that are used at swim competitions at meets like we saw even at Grand Haven last week.  Our kids, not being able to have these to practice on, are at a true disadvantage when we travel to meets.  Our goal is to fill ½ of our blocks, which will be close to $7500.  (we just recently had an anonymous donor gift us one)

More updates:

  • Towels have finally been ordered. Your account will reflect this billing of $33 per towel by Friday November 22nd. 
  • Holiday Training Schedule will be out by next week. I am just shoring things up with times/days. 
  • Flint meet in January- I don't have any information but will seek it out!!

If you have any questions please reach out!

Have a great day!