Kroc pool has heater issues

The Kroc pool heater is currently down. Monday the pool was cold. I do not yet know the current temperature of the pool. If the lifeguard I spoke with was correct. A replacement part is on order and will arrive MONDAY.

What does this mean? Well, first I will make a decision on whether or not we can use the pool tonight (after I find out a current temp at noon). I do know that it will be too cold to use from Wed. on  - until fixed. The Kroc center has only had 3 or 4 multi day down times in the past 16 years, so we'll roll with it, and make something happen in the interim.

Today I will be researching alternatives for practices at different locations. We may have some weird schedules and pools that will take some effort to get to, but I'll find a way to get some practice time in. 

I will send out more info between 12 and 1 today. It will be posted in the CAST news segment of our website. emailed to you all, and posted on our Facebook page. So make sure you check those sources later today.

Thanks for your patience

Coach Dave