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Masters Weekly Announcements November 20, 2019


Masters Weekly Announcements
Wednesday, November 20, 2019


SAVE THE DATE – Thursday, December 5
Team Christmas Party! 

FYI - 2020 USMS Membership Renewal Due ASAP
--must be 2020 for Polar Bear Challenge   


1.   Workout Times/Locations during the Age Group Meet
2.   SCM Championships
3.   Annual Team Christmas Party
4.   Words from Coach Mark 





Workout Times/Locations during the Age Group Meet
Friday, November 22
Regular times except PM
7:00-8:00PM – JSierra HS

Saturday, November 23
5:30-6:30AM – Marguerite
9:00-10:00AM – JSierra HS

Sunday, November 24
5:30-6:30AM – Marguerite

Monday, November 25
5:00-6:30AM – Marguerite
9:00-10:00AM – JSierra HS
Noon – NO Workout
7:30-8:30PM – Marguerite




SCM Championships – WE NEED SWIMMERS!!!!







Fees: Flat fee of $52.00 if entered online or postmarked by Wednesday, November 20th. Entry fee includes a meet T-shirt. Add a $15.00 late fee for all entries postmarked (or entered online) after Wednesday, November 20th.


All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, November 30th  .

There will be NO refunds. Online entries are paid by credit card to " Events".

No individual deck entries are allowed.

For more information and Registration    



Annual Team Christmas Party


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We have many fun activities and great food planned for this



 RSVP on Evite: By Nov. 30


COST: $10.00 per person collected at door

(Main Course will be provided)



Please bring the following for 6-8 people
Last name (A-K) - Side Dish/or Appetizers
Last Name (L-Z) - Salad/Bread


Adult beverages are not included, please BYOB



Polar Bear Club Contest - Submit your design to enter the competition.  Send design to (jpeg of PDF) by Monday, December 1.


Don't forget to also bring a gift of up to $15 to participate in the White Elephant Gift Exchange.


There will also be a dessert competition, so don't forget to bring your favorite homemade dessert to enter.



Polar Bear Club Challenge



Here's how to do it:

Swim between Monday, December 9th and Sunday, January 5th (4 weeks) and make as many practices as you can. (27 days)
(No Christmas Day)

Membership is available at TWO levels depending on the number of practices attended.

All are invited to a pizza party in January to help celebrate the winners.

GOLD – 19 practices

Gold level membership entitles the swimmers to


SILVER – 15 practices

Sliver membership entitles the swimmer to a FREE PIZZA


All swimmers must be 2020 USMS registered.




Words from Coach Mark


Set Your 2020 Goals NOW


Be Smart and Use SMART Goals.

SMART Goals help you feel competent and confident in

your abilities to reach your goals and maximize your

performances – and stay – focused.

SMART goals are:


It’s no good saying you want to swim faster. You need to have concrete targets. Rather than saying “I want to improve my 500 time,” say “I will reduce my 500 time by 10 seconds over the next three months.”



When you set yourself a goal, make sure you can measure how well you’re doing. Monitor your performance but don’t let it become a chore. Instead, why not build a regular ‘measurement day’ into your training schedule and assess your performance across various disciplines then?

Adjustable Having set your specific, measurable goal, don’t just leave it there, set in stone. As your circumstances and performance change, you might need to change the goal. If you beat your target on the first attempt well done! But maybe it was too easy. If you sustain an injury that’s going to slow you down, it’s OK – adjust your goal accordingly.



You CAN smash your PB (and I hope that with our help you will). But saying “I’m going to take a third off my PB” is more likely to be a demotivator. Recognize that goals that stretch you but are still within reach have a stronger motivating force than pie-in-the-sky goals that just sound good.



Our first example, of cutting 10s off a 500 time within three months meets this condition. You have a fixed time-period within which to improve. Everyone, from journalists to sportspeople, works better with a deadline and you should ensure you don’t move yours to accommodate life events such as injuries or a house move. It’s better to go back to the start of your goal-setting process and set a new timed goal.

Good luck in 2020!









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