December Team Newsletter

Important Dates

GA Senior State Championship Meet: December 6th - 8th
Athens, GA. This is a qualifying meet. See qualifying time standards here.

Third Tuesday: December 17th
This is our regular monthly meeting night, however due to the upcoming holiday break, we WILL have regular practices.

GCAT Winter Sprinter: December 21st (Registration deadline: December 10th)
Savannah, GA. Open to all WRA swimmers. See full meet details and sign up here.

Winter Break: December 23rd - January 1st
Please note: We will be holding several practices over the break, on a revised scheduled. Save or print the revised practice calendar by clicking here

Bulldog New Year's Kickoff: January 11th & 12th
Held in Athens, GA. Saturday afternoon & Sunday morning. Attending swimmers will also have the opportunity to watch the UGA/Texas A&M dual meet, to be held Saturday morning. See general meet info here. An email will be sent when this event is open for registration.

Our year-round swim lessons are underway, and we now have an email subscription list to notify you when new classes are open for registration. The email sign up list, as well as more information on our lessons, can be found here.

A Note from the Coach:

We are in the midst of the time of year when, with holidays, exams, and class projects, we have to exercise our time management skills and purpose to be consistent in our training in order to achieve our goals. 

For those swimmers who will be going out of town over the holidays, it is important to maintain your fitness and conditioning level - anything you can do to stay active will benefit the rest of your season. If you can find a pool to swim laps in, or a local USA swim team to practice with, that would be ideal.

The championship part of our season is just around the corner and, with that in mind, we need to stay focused on the goals we set at the beginning of the season.

At this point in the season, we are continuing to focus on:

  • Being consistent in practice attendance
  • Improving technique and building endurance through the effort put forth in practice
  • Gaining race experience and developing racing strategies through meet participation
  • Having a positive attitude at all times and learning to overcome adversity
Remember, more details on our training cycles can be found on our website under Team resources, or by clicking here.


Additional meets TBA

Southern Divisionals
March 20th - 22nd

...see more


Committee Corner

We are still looking for members for the following parent committees: Officials, Social, and Maintenance.

Email Amanda to participate.

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