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Masters Weekly Announcements Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Masters Weekly Announcements
Wednesday, December 4, 2019



Thursday, December 5 - Team Christmas Party! 

FYI - 2020 USMS Membership Renewal Due ASAP
--Starts Monday! Must be 2020 for Polar Bear Challenge   


1.  SCM Championships
2.  Annual Team Christmas Party
3.  Polar Bear Club Challenge
4.  Annual Holiday Toy Drive
5.  Short Course Meet Schedule
6.  Words from Coach Mark 




  SCM Championships – Go Nadadores!!!!

Friday-Sunday, December 6-8

City of Commence




Peralta, Daniel 23
Ambrosio, Irving 43
Sima, Jon 43
Olsheim, Elizabeth 46
Condor-Fisher, Sarah 47
Tobin, James 53
Kondo, Ken 54
Moore Barnett, Barbara 59
Hayward, David 59
Stuart, Margaret 61
Jarvis, Scott 61
Cochran, Van 69
Stuart, Ian 72
Montrella, Beverly 73




Annual Team Christmas Party


We have many fun activities and great food planned for this



 RSVP on Evite TODAY


COST: $10.00 per person collected at the door

(Main Course will be provided)



Please bring the following for 6-8 people
Last name (A-K) - Side Dish/or Appetizers
Last Name (L-Z) - Salad/Bread


Adult beverages are not included, please BYOB


Don't forget to also bring a gift of up to $15 to participate in the White Elephant Gift Exchange.


There will also be a dessert competition, so don't forget to bring your favorite homemade dessert to enter.



Polar Bear Club Challenge

All swimmers must be 2020 USMS registered.

You can go to USMS MEMBER REGISTRATION to complete your 2020 Registration.


 Here's how to do it:

Swim between Monday, December 9th and Sunday, January 5th (4 weeks) and make as many practices as you can. (27 days)
(No Christmas Day)

Membership is available at TWO levels depending on the number of practices attended.

All are invited to a pizza party in January to help celebrate the winners.


GOLD – 19 practices

Gold level membership entitles the swimmers to



SILVER – 15 practices

Silver membership entitles the swimmer to a FREE PIZZA




Annual Holiday Toy Drive

toy drive.jpg
The Masters' division along with the entire team will be participating in the City of Mission Viejo Toy Drive once again this year. It is truly an important event.   Besides supporting our local partner (the City of MV), it is helping our community.   Last year, the team donated over 100 unwrapped presents for the Cities Toy

Drive.   We are asking all Masters swimmers to bring an unwrapped toy to the pool.

Here are the details:

Toy Drive will start on Today, 12/4 and will end on Friday, 12/20.

Toy Drive - Please bring a toy to the pool swim office.

The Toys are being donated to the children of the City of Mission Viejo adopted headquarters battalion of the 1st marine division.


2020 Short Course Season Training


Short Course Yards Season: Competitive/Fitness/Triathlete
(Jan. - May)

We primarily train the competitive Masters swimmer with the climax of the season being SPMA Regional Championships and the USMS Nationals.

During the competitive swim season, we train all systems with focus on vo2, sprints, race strategy, all stroke techniques, flip turns and starts.


2020 SPMS Short Course Meet Schedule


01/12       Sun 
Mission Viejo Short Course Yards

01/18       Sat  
Fabulous Las Vegas Masters SCY at UNLV

02/01       Sat  
Palm Springs Short Course Yards

02/08-02/09     Sat-Sun  
Rose Bowl Short Course Yards

03/20-03/22     Fri-Sun   
San Luis Obispo Long Course Meters

04/05       Sun 
UCLA Short Course Yards

04/23-04/26     Thu-Sun 
USMS National Short Course Yards Championships
San Antonio, TX                     



Words from Coach Mark


10 Ways to Improve your Swimming in 2020


Your freestyle will never be fast without a strong bodyline. A reinforced good posture that engages your core will provide a strong foundation for a faster freestyle.


Utilize your rotation to form more connection and power out of every pull and kick.


3.  KICK:
When we kick try a stronger and faster kick with proper timing of each kick.


4.  PULL:
The best swimmers in the world utilize an early vertical forearm to put immediate pressure back on the water. Your goal is to maximum extension and a powerful finish to the stroke!  


All swimmers know to keep one goggle in and one goggle out of the water when they take a breath, your goal is to make each breath more efficient for faster freestyle racing no matter what distance.



One way to increase efficiency is to take fewer strokes. Counting the number of strokes and improving technique to decrease that number will save energy. On the other side, it may be faster to take more strokes per length, especially in shorter events.


7.  TEMPO:
Your tempo is how fast or slow you complete each stroke. Having a slower tempo allows you to conserve energy by taking fewer strokes, while a faster tempo is more tiring but much faster. Learning to Change your tempo based on event distance and fatigue level will help you swim as fast as possible.



8.  BREAKOUTS:  Many swimmers add movements in their breakout that create drag and destroy all the momentum created during their underwater dolphin kicks. Work on staying streamlined and keeping your head down on the first stoke to accelerate into the first few strokes.


Learn to carry your momentum through the turn to get in and out of every wall faster. Practice accelerating into the wall, using your core and arms to get through the turn, and planting the feet on the wall for a powerful push-off in the perfect streamline.  


10.  FINISHES:  Learn how to use your kick to accelerate into the wall, time your stroke for a perfect arm extension, and keep your head down so you don’t waste any time or strokes as you approach the wall.













 Mission Viejo Nadadores Masters

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