team updates

 Good morning!

  • I just emailed SWIM4FUNZ$ info including the volunteer spots Please sign up to help count your child's lengths during their slotted times initially and if you can help more, we will not turn anyone away. Please don't assume this can happen magically!!  We will up to 10 kids per lane almost.
  • Last year for food the SR/Blue II group got scraps so if one parent towards the end of that later session wants to grab a few pizzas than that would be awesome.
  • The longer the group swims the more tired and hungry they will be.  If you swimmer does swim later, please make sure you fuel them before they get here. 
  • Some kids will not stop during the whole time allotted, even some of the littles in RED!!! It's an amazing event for all groups and we are all so proud of them when they finish!!
  • Extra forms are attached to the previous email and if your swimmer has not come home with an envelope...well, the info is all here.
  • If you cannot make this day to do your swimmer's time we can make arrangements case by case to get it done!!


  1. The FLINT YMCA MEET is hopefully coming out soon.  This meet is not in FLINT, but  in WATERFORD.  Please keep your eyes on emails as I hope to receive the info soon.
  2. The Tropical Challenge Meet that is listed is for 11 &up closes Sunday and should not be for the newer swimmer.  This is a trials and finals meet and is quite wearing.  So please wait for FLINT YMCA's meet or our HOME MEET AT WEST POOL on January 25th.


  • Will be posted soon.
  • RED, WHITE I and WHITE II, BLUE I have the week of the 23rd OFF.
  • BLUE I will come to a few extra workouts the week of the 30th.
  • SR/BLUE II will have a specific schedule for the entire holiday break.
  • ALL GROUPS will return to regular practice hours on January 2nd and if White II would like to come to WEST during WHITE I practice,4:30-5:30 that would be fine (since they wouldn't have a practice that week)

ALL groups will all try to do some kind of holiday fun workout/treat/cookies etc...before break happens. If you want to help the coaches with this please talk with any of us and we would love to have your help!!

Any questions! Please reply to this email!!