Weekly Mailer
Hey VJO Families,
It's great to see everyone back at the pool this week!  Please make sure to ready through the Weekly Mailer below. A lot of important information has been updated and added. Remember this Saturday is our VJO Holiday Party and everyone is invited! Make sure to RSVP.  We also have 3 upcoming meets open for entries. Please make sure to get signed up as soon as possible, so your swimmer does not miss out on these great racing opportunities. Below is a list of the current meets that are open for entries. I have also updated our meet schedule through the end of the summer. Make sure to take a look at the meet schedule...We have added a team meet to San Diego, "The Splash and Dash"  will be on June 12-14 in San Diego.  This will be a very fun meet. We will give you more information on the meet as we get it.
Upcoming Meets Open for Entries:
Zone 3 Winter Champs (Jan 18-19 at SRJC) - ***LAST DAY TO ENTER***
SASO Distance Dual Meet (Jan 24th at Solano College)- OPEN FOR ENTRIES
VJO February Frost Meet (Feb 8-9 at ACHS)- OPEN FOR ENTRIES
Electronic Free Challenge:  We now challenge our VJO swimmers to go electronic free at all team meets. We have had the electronic free challenge at many meets in the past and our swimmers and parents have loved it. We will now be challenging our swimmers to do this at ALL team meets. We want to encourage our VJO swimmers to get to know each other, make new friends, cheer for each other, and play games together.  So make sure to bring your board games, cards, coloring supplies and other activities to all team meets now. Let's have fun together!
NO PRACTICE - Monday January 20th (MLK Holiday)
There will be NO PRACTICE on Monday, January 20th.  This is MLK Holiday and a meet recovery day for all swimmers, coaches and parents. We will see everyone back on the pool deck on Tuesday, January 21st. 
Have a great Holiday!
NO PRACTICE - Monday February 10th
There will be NO PRACTICE on Monday, February 10th.  This is a meet recovery day for all swimmers, coaches and parents. We will see everyone back on the pool deck on Tuesday, February 11th.
NO PRACTICE - Monday February 17th
There will be NO PRACTICE on Monday, February 17th.  This is President's Day Holiday. We will see everyone back on the pool deck on Tuesday, February 18th. Have a great Holiday!
RSVP:  Please RSVP online for this event if you haven't already. Go to the Holiday Party on our events page or

                                                          CLICK HERE TO RSVP
In an effort to encourage VJO swimmers to keep their attendance up during the Winter Months, we are bringing back the Polar Bear ClubThe Polar Bear Club will start December 1st and run through the end of February. The VJO coaching staff will track daily practice attendance and award participation based on swimmers attendance to practice and events. VJO will provide prizes for those meeting qualifying levels.
Although we encourage all team members to attend as many practices as possible, each practice group will have attendance prize requirements on a sliding scale to reflect the monthly expectations of each group.  Prizes will be given out to swimmers monthly. Prize levels are as follows:
  • Prize Level 1 – Polar Bear Club Pin 
    • Attendance prize requirements for each group for Dec, Jan & Feb:
    • Senior -80%
    • Leopard, Junior & Junior 2 Group – 70%
    • Mako Sharks - 60%
    • Hammerheads 2 - 50%
    • Hammerheads 1 - 40%
  • Prize Level 2 – Polar Bear Club Pin & Bumper Sticker
    • Attendance prize requirements for each group for Dec, Jan & Feb:
    • Senior -90%
    • Leopard, Junior & Junior 2 Group – 80%
    • Mako Sharks - 70%
    • Hammerheads 2 - 60%
    • Hammerheads 1 - 50%
*Meets, Social Events and Saturday Practices will be given as extra credit attendance days.*
Every Thursday in the Winter months is Hot Chocolate Night!  We are still in need of HCN items for this week. Please drop off snack items on the table next to the Shark Tank. Thank you everyone for all the snack donations. 
Thank you! 
     ALL FOOD items needed at this time
     8oz cups & 8oz Lids Needed
     Large size Boats Needed
This is a reminder that VJO Team Suits and Team Caps are required at ALL team meets. Please make sure you have your team suit. You can order a team suit through Making Waves Swim Shop at any time. Make sure that you are wearing your team suit for warm-ups and all events.
Don't worry if you missed our team suit fitting day this fall. You can place team suit, team warm-ups, and team parka orders in person or online at any time. Make sure to try on the team suit before you place your order as our team suit brand has changed this year to Nike.
To Order Team Suits
1. Place an order online at
Password: Vallejo
2. Drive down to "Making Waves Swim Shop" in Walnut Creek and order a team suit in person. Please make sure to bring in a completed order form to the store.
2019 Order Forms and the link to order online. 
Password: Vallejo
***ENTRY DEADLINE TODAY - Wednesday, January 8th 2020***
Today is the last day to signed up for Zone 3 Championships! The Zone 3 Winter Championships Meet will be held on January 18-19 and is STILL OPEN for entries. The meet will be held at the INDOOR Santa Rosa Junior College Pool.  This year the meet will be a timed final meet format, so swimmers will only swim once, in the morning.  This is our end of the Winter season, team Championship Meet. It is also a team scored meet, so we need ALL qualified VJO swimmers attending. Last year our team finished 4th overall and this year our goal is to finish in the top 3.  All swimmers must meet the Zone 3 Champs qualifying times to enter.   
9-10 50's NOW OPEN at ZONE 3 CHAMPS 
All the 9-10 50 events (50 fly, 50 back, 50 breast, 50 free) are NOW OPEN at Zone 3 Winter Champs. This means there is no longer a time standard for these events. All VJO 9-10 age swimmers can swim all the 50's. 
At the Zone 3 Champs meet our team will be responsible for running the Colorado Timing System. Each team has an area of the meet they are responsible for running. This year we are responsible for Colorado. We will need at least 3 parent volunteers to help run the Colorado during the meet. If you are able to help in this area please email Coach Jennifer at [email protected] Our team will also need to provide timers. We do not yet know how many timing chairs we will be responsible for.
LOCATION:  Quinn Swim Center, Santa Rosa Junior College (1501 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA )
TIMED FINALS: This year the Zone 3 Winter Championships will be run as a Timed Finals Meet. This means that all events will be swam only once, in the morning.  There is NO AFTERNOON session. The meet will finish around 3pm.
***DEADLINE:  TODAY -Wednesday, January 8th 2020 
TIME:  Arrive at 7:15am each day. Warm-ups will start at 7:30am and the meet will start at 9am each day
EVENTS: Enter your 3 best events each day. Swimmers must meet the qualifying time to enter each event. This is a championship meet and we are going for points. If you have questions on what events to enter, talk to your coach.
RELAYS: There will be relays at this meet.  All swimmers attending will be entered in relays.  All relays will be swum in the middle of the meet. VJO coaches will enter swimmers in relays.
Friday, January 24th 2020
ENTRY DEADLINE: Monday, Jan 20th 
The SASO Distance Meet on Friday, January 24th is now open for entries on our team website.  This meet is open to all VJO swimmers. There will be NO PRACTICE on this day. There will be 3 events offered; the 50 free, 500 free and 1,650 free. Swimmers may swim up to 2 events.  Hammerhead 1 & Hammerhead 2 Group swimmers may only swim the 50 free event. Leopard Shark and Mako Groupers may swim the 500 free and/or the 50 free. All Junior Groupers will be swimming the 500 free (1,650 free is a possibility).  All Senior & Junior 2 Groupers will be swimming the 1,650 free.  The 1,650 free is only open to 11 & overs in the JR/JR2/SR Group. This is an online entry meet. We will be using our team website for entries this time.
LOCATION: Solano College, 4000 Suisun Valley Road, Fairfield, CA 94534
TIME: Warm-ups start at 4:00pm
           Meet Starts at 4:40pm
ENTRY DEADLINE: Monday, January 20th 2020
ENTRY FEE: The cost is $15 per swimmer. Swimmers team accounts will be billed the $15 entry fee after their events have been approved online.  The entry fee also includes pizza for all swimmers. Pizza will be served after the completion of the 1,650 event.
HOW TO SIGN-UP:  Sign-ups for this meet will be done online through our team website. Click on the link below or go to our team website and follow the instructions below.
1.go to our team website (
2. click on "Events" tab
3. click on "SASO Distance Dual Meet" event
4. click on "Edit Commitment"
5. click on your events
6. your coach will approve your event/events
7. your account will be charged $15 entry fee
Swimmers are limited to two events per day. No Times (NT) will be accepted. Swimmers may
not swim both the 500 and the 1650.
This distance Meet is open to all Hammerhead Group swimmers. This meet is not required. Hammerhead 1 & Hammerhead 2 Group swimmers may only enter the 50 free event.
This distance Meet is open to all Mako and Leopard Shark swimmers. This meet is not required. Swimmers in both Leopard and Mako have the option to swim the 50 and/or 500 free.  The 1,650 free is not open to the Leopard and Mako swimmers.  There will be no practice at Cunningham on this day
This meet is required for all Junior Group swimmers.  We will be attending this Friday meet instead of having practice on this day. Swimmers in the JR group may swim the 50 free and either the 500 free or 1,650 free. 
This meet is required for all Senior and Junior 2 Group swimmers.  We will be attending this Friday meet instead of having practice on this day. Swimmers in the SR & JR2 group are required to swim the 1,650 free. SR and JR2 Group swimmers may also enter the 50 free.
February 8-9th 2020
The VJO “February Frost” CBA Meet on February 8-9th is NOW OPEN ONLINE for ENTRIES. This is a home meet, but will be held at the American Canyon High School Pool. Please note the venue has changed for our home meet to the American Canyon High School Pool.  This meet is recommended for ALL VJO swimmers. Please sign up ASAP as meets fill quickly. 
ENTRY DEADLINE: Wednesday, January 29th 
                              (meet may fill prior to deadline date)
LOCATION: American Canyon High School Pool (3000 Newell Dr, American Canyon, CA 94503) ***VENUE CHANGE***
TIME:      Saturday – arrive at 7:15am 
                Sunday - arrive at 7:15am 
*No Friday night portion of meet. Regular practice on Friday, the day before the meet.
Warm-ups will start at 7:30am on Saturday and Sunday and the meet will start at 9:00 am each day. 
EVENTS: Please speak with your coach if you have questions about what events to enter. Leopard, Mako, JR’s & SR please enter 3 events a day (one challenging event, one favorite event and one to keep you well rounded). 
Senior & Junior 2 Groups -  Swimmers in the Senior and Junior 2 Groups should all enter the 200 back on Saturday. This is your event of the meet. Please remember that all JR2 and SR should also be swimming an IM event every meet. IM is the focus event of the year. If you need an entry time, contact Coach Jennifer.
Junior Group - Swimmers in the Junior Group should all enter the 200 IM. This is your event of the meet.  If you need an entry time, contact Coach Maureen.
10 Volunteer Hours Required - Families don't forget you are required to work a minimum of 10 hours at each home meet.   Link to Sign-up for Volunteer Positions
Jan 11        - VJO Holiday Party Brunch (10am-1pm, American Canyon) ***RSVP ONLINE***
Jan 18-19  - Winter Zone 3 Championships (Qualifying Meet, SRJC) ***CLOSES TODAY***
Jan 20        - NO PRACTICE (MLK Holiday)
Jan 24       - SASO Distance Dual Meet (All Groups, Solano College)   ***NOW OPEN***
Jan 30       - Shark Pride Day (5-6:30pm, All Groups)
Feb 7-9    - VJO Home C/B/A+ Meet (All Groups, American Canyon High School Pool) ***NOW OPEN***
Feb 10     - NO PRACTICE (Meet Recovery Day)
Feb 14      - Regular Practice 
Feb 15      - Saturday Morning Practice (JR/JR2/SR, 8-10am)
Feb 15      - VJO Goes Ice Skating (12-2:30pm, Vacaville Ice Sports, Fenton's afterwards)
Feb 17      - President's Day (NO PRACTICE)
Feb 27      - Shark Pride Day (5-6:30pm, All groups)
Feb 29      -  Saturday Morning Practice (JR/JR2/SR,  8-10am)
March 1          - Zone All Star Meet (Qualifying, Santa Clara)
March 7          -  Saturday Morning Practice (JR/JR2/SR,  8-10am)
March 13-15  - Spring Junior Olympic Champs (14&under Qualifying Meet, Santa Clara)
March 17th     - St Patrick's Day (Regular Practice)
March 21-22  - Hills Hurricane C/B/BB+ Meet (All Groups, Moraga)
March 23      - NO PRACTICE (Meet Recovery Day)
March 26       - Shark Pride Day (5-6:30pm, All Groups)
March 28       -  Saturday Morning Practice LC (JR/JR2/SR, 7:45 -10am)
March 28       - VJO Spaghetti Feed (Tentative)
April 2-5      - Far Western Championships (Qualifying Meet, Pleasanton)
April 10         - Combined Practice Day
                              JR/JR2/SR      4-6pm
                                   H1/H2/LS/MS  6-7pm
April 11         - Long Course Morning Practice (All Groups)
                              JR/JR2/SR      7:45-10am
                                    H1/H2/LS/MS  9-10am
April 17-19    - Westside LC Meet (All Groups, Petaluma)
April 20         - NO PARCTICE (Meet Recovery Day)
April 25         - 10 & Under Champs Meet (Qualifying, Sunnyvale)
April 30         - Shark Pride Day (5-7pm)
May 2          - LC Morning Practice (7:45-10am) *Tentative*
May 9          - LC Morning Practice (7:45-10am)  *Tentative*
May 16        - LC Morning Practice (7:45-10am)  *Tentative*
May 23        - LC Morning Practice (7:45-10am) 
May 25        - Memorial Day (NO PRACTICE)
May 28        - Shark Pride Day (5-7pm)
May 29-31   - VJO LC C/B/A+ Meet (All Groups, Cunningham Pool)
June 1        - NO PRACTICE (Meet Recovery Day)
June 12-14 - San Diego "Splash and Dash" (All Team, Location:TBA)
June 21-28  - Olympic Trials (Omaha, NE)
June 30      - Swim-A-Thon (Tentative)
July 4th       - Vallejo 4th of July Parade
July 10-12  - 14 & Under Junior Olympic Champs (Qualifying, San Jose)
July 17-19  - Ukiah Dolphins Meet (All Team, Camping)
July 23-26  - Far Western Championships (Qualifying, Concord)
July 27-30   - REAL Spirit Week (Combined Practice Sched)
4:30-6:30pm – 13 & Overs
6:00-7:30pm – 12 & Unders
July 30-Aug 2   - Futures Championships (SR Qualifying, Irvine)
July 31-Aug 2   - REAL Championships (All Team, Napa)