PCY Winter Invite: "Reach for the Stars" Meet Report


PCY Winter Invitational: "Reach for the Stars" MEET REPORT

Our 58 SPY Athletes achieved 246 lifetime best.   

NEW SPLASHES: 21 of those 246 lifetime best were first time swims or first legal swims.

The 46th Annual PCY Winter Invite had 26 teams from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky which added up to 1149 kids. Our team had about dozen rookie athletes who had never swam at Miami University which is just amazing place for kids to enjoy swimming fast just like college athletes do. Parents should be very proud of your athlete in facing new challenges at this meet running two pools which at times must look like pure chaos. Our kids rocked being responsible swimmers and supportive & helpful teammates.

heartShout Out to our SPY's 8th Graders who are attending their LAST PCY Winter Invitational at Miami University. Next year, they will be participating with their High School Swim Team. Our *th graders at PCY Winter Invite: Maeve McMaken, Emily Tropp, Avery Guenther, Jarrett Payne, Caleb Griffy, and Charlie Bauer


heart Biggest Thank You to our 10 & Younger Parent Helpers on the pool deck assiting in getting kids to their events:

* Debbie Sheehan.      *Ashley Hill.         * Toya Keyes​

smileyBIGGEST LOSERS of our Meet...

Kids who LOST seconds off their previous lifetime best times 

Highlighting mega-time drops over 10 seconds or more

Emily Bennett 25.27 seconds.                   Tatti Bernier 39.72 seconds

Stella Bruce 27.89 seconds.                      Carli Burke 21.04 seconds

Aubrey Clark 26.08 seconds.                     Ruby Clark 21.01 seconds

Aubrey Conkel 17.17 seconds.                  Lola Derr 16.46 seconds

Brooklyn Dixon 18.93 seconds.                            Cooper Edwards 12.95 seconds

Grayden Edwards 17.22 seconds.                       Caleb Griffy 11.14 seconds

Canden Hall 42.56 seconds                                Brian Halpin 21.27 seconds

Ellen Hill 36.16 seconds                                      Madi Lee 11.24 seconds

Emilee Lough 29.87 seconds                             Emma Moore 30.71 seconds

Ivee Rastatter 43.09 seconds                           Emmie Scribben 29.92 seconds

Alyssa Shaffer 40.91 seconds                          Evan Spence 20.14 seconds

Allie Stuckey 12.26 seconds                             Matt Wiles 19.95 seconds

Reed Wilson 18.46 seconds                             Caroline Yontz 16 seconds

 Swimmers with 70% of their times being Lifetime Best 

Tiatti Bernier 100%.              Stella Bruce 100%.                  Carli Burke 87%

Ruby Clark 87%.                   Aubrey Conkel 87%.                Lola Derr 100%

Cooper Edwards 71%.         Camden Hall 80%.                    Ellen Hill 83%

Aven Jones 100%.               Emilee Lough 100%.                 Emma Moore 86%

Emmie Scribben 100%.     Alyssa Shaffer 100%.                 Matt Wiles 87%

Caroline Yontz 87%           Avery Young 80%


   Our Team’s Age Group Top High Point Swimmers:

6 and Under Group:

  • Girls- Ellen Hill 
  • Boys- Copper Edwards 

7 & 8 year old Group;

  • Girls- Elizabeth Hill 
  • Boys- Joey Brumfield; Meet’s 3rdplace in Age Group Scoring

9 & 10 year old Group:

  • Girls- Lola Derr; plus, Meet’s AGE GROUP High Point WINNER
  • Boys- Ian Conkel 

11 & 12 year old Group:

  • Girls-  Penelope Derr & Tatti Bernier 
  • Boys- 

13 & 14 year old Group:

  • Girls- Emily Tropp 
  • Boys-  Jarret Payne; plus, Meet’s AGE GROUP High Point WINNER

SPY Swimmers Scoring 80 or more points:

  1. Lola Derr 185 points
  2. Jarrett Payne 161 points
  3. Penelope Derr 121 points
  4. Tatti Bernier 121 points
  5. Joey Brumfield 87 points
  6. Finnigan Wilson 84 points

heart9 and Older WEEKEND WARRIORS: Athletes swimming all THREE DAYS of this meet

  • Tatti Bernier
  • Lola Derr
  • Penelope Derr
  • Camden Hall
  • Jarrett Payne
  • Brooklyn Kuntz
  • Alyssa Shaffer
  • Emily Bennett
  • Laina Lambert
  • Brian Halpin

heart 8 & Under Weekend Warriors swimming both days

  • Joey Brumfield
  • Olympia Derr
  • Cooper Edwards
  • Elizabeth Hill
  • Ellen Hill
  • Hannah Howard
  • Will Howard
  • Aubrey Lee
  • Allie Stuckey
  • Finnigan Wilson
  • Reed Wilson

“D” SQUAD- Distance Divas and Dudes at PCY Winter Invite Meet:

500 Yards Free: Tatti Bernier, Jarrett Payne, Camden Hall

400 yard Individual Medley (SPY IMtough)Jarrett Payne

1000 yard Free:Camden Hall...First Time Swimming this Eventyes