Recap from Parents Meeting on Tuesday


Recap from our Parents Meeting on Tuesday:

As our Short Course season comes to an end with just a few meets remaining, we discussed our upcoming Short Course Championship season, meet selection and how we transition to our Long Course and Summer Recreation season.  We select our meets with intention and hope to offer every level of meet for all the different levels of athletes on our team. 

Just a quick note on terminology :

Senior Swimming – High school swimmers age 15 & older

Age Group swimmers – 14 & Under swimmers

Long Course – Competitions are held in a 50 Meter pool – Season runs from Apr – July.  Training is still done in a 25 yard pool

Short Course – Competitions are held in a 25 Yard pool – Season runs from Sep – Mar, although Summer Recreation meets are still swum in a 25 yard pool through June & July


At a glance, the following is our meet schedule for the remainder of the 2019-2020 season.  For those of you that are not quite sure what meets are appropriate for your swimmer or how to plan/select meets, I have provided the “method to our madness” below.  This is a great time for your swimmer to reassess goals for the season, have a chat with your coach (or feel free to call me) and find out what plan is the best going forward.


Feb 21-23         Age Group State Championship – Qualifying 14 & Under swimmers only

Feb 22-23         JO - Qualifying 14 & Under swimmers only

March 14          St. Patricks Day – Great for Bronze & Silver and/or Gold



March 3-8         ESSZ Senior Sectionals (Attendance and participation for this meet will be assessed after High School State and is for  Qualifying Seniors only

March 21-22     March Madness – We encourage ALL SCAT SWIMMERS to attend this meet

March 23 – Apr 5           Kedron Pool Closed – Dryland practice only



April 25            SCAT Long Course Kickoff


April brings the sun, open air and transition to our Long Course season.  Practices won’t look much different to you from the deck, but your swimmers will be returning to some great drill work and different types of sets that help prepare them for Long Course racing.  We will offer the Long Course Kickoff Meet at Georgia Tech.  If you’re not sure if your swimmer wants to compete Long Course, this is a perfect meet to try it out.  That will still leave you plenty of time to decide how to plan your summer meet schedule.

May will bring a great month of training.  In May we also will start talking to our Bronze and Silver swimmers to determine their summer training plans.  We plan that our Bronze and Silver swimmers will train and compete with our Pirates team and compete in the Fayette County Summer League meet schedule.  Some swimmers may opt to swim with their neighborhood teams in lieu of swimming with the Pirates.

This is when you will want to determine – Will your swimmer be competing in the Summer Rec League meets and/or will they be competing in the SCAT Long Course meet schedule?  Most swimmers will do a combination of both.  Some swimmers will compete SCAT Long Course AND Pirates Rec Swimming (or your local neighborhood team)



Summer    CHAMPIONSHIP MEET Schedule

GRPA District Meet

GRPA State Championship        

Age Group Long Course State Championship - Qualifying 14 & Unders only

Senior Long Course State – Qualifying Seniors only


Our summer practice schedule will be as follows:

May 26 – July 9th (or your swimmers last Championship meet)

10 & Under – 10:00 – 11:00 am   Mon – Thur  (Bronze)

11 & Older – 10:45 – Noon  Mon – Thur    (Silver)

Silver (swimmers that plan to compete in Long Course meets can also attend practices Mon – Thur from 9-10 am)

Gold – Mon-Thur 8-9:30  Sat 9:30 – 11:30

All High School swimmer 7:00 – 9:30 am Mon – Thur   (Nat Dev and Nat swimmers will also practice Friday mornings and afternoons TBD later in the spring)

Our summer league meet schedule will not be posted until late March.  We typically offer 1 meet per week during the month of June on weeknights from 5 – 8pm.  There will be a City Championship in late June (Saturday) and a District and State Championship meet also. 


If you choose to compete in our Long Course meets also – these would be appropriate meets to swim:

            SCAT Swim with Dad Long Course

            SCAT Sizzlin Summer Invite Long Course

            Age Group Long Course State Championship - Qualifying 14 & Unders only

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