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NewsSplash!!! Registration is Opening February 1st!

Hello Stingray Families!

Holy Cow!  It's time to register for swim team already!!!  We have missed all of you!!!


  • Take advantage of the discounted early registration rate and register between February 1st - March 1st.  After March 1st, registration will be an additional $50.  On February 1st, the registration link on the front page of the Stingrays website will be turned on and will go live.  Early registration will be $335 for an individual swimmer.  

Volunteer Requirement

  • Please remember that unless you ONLY have 15-18 year old swimmers, there will be a 30 unit volunteer requirement per family.  One way to fulfill the 30 unit volunteer requirement is to take on a Core or Board Member Position (you will still have invitational volunteer requirements if you attend an invitational meet).  Board Positions are fulfilled by attending an evening monthly Board Meeting AND fulfilling the job postition for which you are signed up.  Core positions are fufilled by working every HOME meet (including time trials) for your position.  The core positions we have available are:
    • Data Entry:  Two positions are available.  You must be available to train and attend all home meets and time trials.  You will have the best seat in the house under the shade and be free at all away meets!
    • Head Timer:  You must be available to train during Time Trials and attend ALL home meets.  You will be free at all away meets!  
  • The board position that is available is Social Director.  
    • ​Are you an organized party planner?  Do you want to be free to actually watch your kids at all swim meets and not have to volunteer during meets?  If you have little Stingrays who need a lot of supervision at swim meets, this is one way to not have to work the meets!  
  • Click here to see more information on the Core Positions.
  • If you have questions or are interested in signing up for a Core/Board Position, please directly email our Volunteer Coordinator, Cyndee Bogard, at
  • If you are planning on fulfilling your volunteer hours by working at the meets, please note that volunteer sign ups will open up to you once your  membership has been reviewed (give us a few days) and your registration is 100% complete.  Sign up early to get your first pick of volunteer jobs!!!