Check out our 100% Best Timers!! Congratulations!

We would like to thank the families that participated in the SCAT GA Open this weekend.  It was a quick fun meet and despite the Super Bowl festivities, SCAT was able to host another successful meet.   This was an important meet to many swimmers that were still trying to qualify for the Age Group State Championship meet. 

We love to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of our team members that achieved 100% Best Times!  Congratulations!!

Bruce Allen, Ashley Bratcher, Emma Bratcher, Reese Callaghan,

Kiran Chikhliker, Sophia Cochran, Elliott Dale, Abby Each,

Cale Fauske, Kolbe Fauske, Lile Gibney, Ella Glinski,

Ben Johnson, Connor Johnson, Jack Lynch, Hayden Packer,

Ella Schwartz, Alexis Stephenson, Brandon Stephenson & Noelle Sullivan.

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