February Team Newsletter

Important Dates

Last-Chance Qualifying Meet: February 7th - 9th (Registration closed)
Cumming, GA. Open to all Silver, Gold, & Platinum swimmers. This meet also serves as a last chance qualifying meet for Age Group "JO" and State, and Senior Sectional Championship meets.

GHSA High School State: February 7th - 8th
Several WRA team members will be competing with their respective high schools at the upcoming GHSA State meet. All of our high school team members had great high school seasons, and we are proud of their efforts on each of their teams. Help us congratulate them on a great season, and send them off with words of encouragement as they head to Atlanta to compete at State.

Stroke & Turn Officials Training: February 11th
The first step in becoming a USA Swimming Official is attending a Stroke & Turn training class. The next online training class is scheduled for Tuesday, February 12th, from 7:00 - 9:30. For more details, click here.

GA Age Group State & JO Meet: February 21-23 (Registration deadline: February 7th)
GA Tech. This meet requires qualifying times. See time standards and general meet info here.

ESSZ Senior Sectionals: March 5th - 8th (Registration deadline: February 21st)
Cary, NC. This meet requires qualifying times. See time standards here.

ESSZ Age Group Sectionals: March 12th - 15th (Registration deadline: February 28th)
Cary, NC. This meet requires qualifying times. See time standards here.

2020 Southern Divisional Meet

Mark your calendars - it's the most important meet of the year! All Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum members are expected to attend, along with select Blue group members. This is a fun, team meet, and is all about bringing your Team Spirit. This meet will be the culmination of our Short Course season: There will be relays, finals, and awards. 

And let's not forget: the HOG.!!!  What's the HOG? The Heart of Georgia trophy - The super-awesome goggle-wearing pig on a pedestal that we battle Swim Macon for each year. They won him from us last year, and now we need your help to bring him home. That means we need to show up and swim our best. Read more on the history of the HOG here. This year is the HOG's 10th birthday - let's make it one to remember!

We have secured a team hotel, will be planning a team dinner, and are currently planning activities for Spirit Week the week before the meet. Keep an eye on this page and watch your emails to be sure you don't miss any important information. We can't wait to see everyone in Columbus!
Our year-round swim lessons are open for registration with classes starting February 3rd and 24th, and we now have an email subscription list to notify you when new classes are open for registration. The email sign up list, as well as more information on our lessons, can be found here.

A Note from the Coach:

Your food is your fuel. Proper HYDRATION is vital during meet weekends. Equally important is the food you consume, and when you consume it. Don’t let a season’s worth of hard work and training be negated by what you do or don’t eat at a meet.

  1. Please don’t skip meals. Swimmers need adequate energy stores to compete at their best. 
  2. Consume high-quality calories. Don’t eat high-fat and overly processed foods during a meet.
  3. High-fiber foods are best consumed a few hours before the meet starts. High-quality carbohydrates are the best source of fuel for pre-race snacking. Lean protein and plant-based fats are great options for post-race recovery.
  4. THE WEEK BEFORE THE MEET: The experts no longer recommend carbo-loading the night before a meet, because it can be upsetting to the digestive system. Instead, eat quality carbohydrates at each meal throughout the week to create glycogen storage for use when needed on race day.

Example prelim/final meet day meal plan**:

  • Breakfast - Oatmeal, fruit, whole-wheat bagels with peanut butter, juice and water
  • Meet snacks - Granola, granola bars, fruit, whole-grain crackers, etc. Lots of water, sports drinks, coconut water.
  • Post-race recovery snacks - Protein bars, Lara bars, trail mix, string cheese, low-fat Greek yogurt. More water.
  • Lunch - Large salad with beans or lean protein, raw veggies and hummus, fruit, veggie-packed sandwich with lean protein such as turkey or chicken on whole-grain bread. Water.Meet snacks at finals, and post race-recovery - same as prelims
  • Post-competition meal - Grilled chicken, roasted vegetables, and brown rice. Baked potato with grilled veggies or nutrient-dense salad.

We strongly recommend NOT consuming soft drinks, energy drinks, and deep-fried foods. These will directly affect a swimmer’s performance. Candy is an ok treat only at the conclusion of a session.

**These are general suggestions for snacks and meals. See more suggestions/recommendations in this handout on Swimmer Nutrition and Hydration, distributed by Skippy Mattson, from the Sports Medicine Program of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Read more information from a USA Swimming Nutrition Expert at: https://www.usaswimming.org/news-landing-page/2017/08/09/what-to-eat-at-a-meet-a-swimfasterfood-qa-with-our-nutrition-expert

At this point in the season, we are continuing to focus on:

  • Being consistent in practice attendance.
  • Improving technique and building endurance through the effort put forth in practice.
  • Gaining race experience and developing racing strategies through meet participation.
  • Having a positive attitude at all times and learning to overcome adversity.
Remember, more details on our training cycles can be found on our website under Team resources, or by clicking here.


Spirit Week
March 16th - 19th

Southern Divisionals
March 20th - 22nd

Spring Break
March 30th - April 3rd

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Committee Corner

Want to get more involved? We are always looking for members for the following parent committees: Officials, Social, and Maintenance.

Email Amanda to participate.


U.S. Masters Swimming 

Parents: Do you love swimming and wish you could train and compete with a team? Our Masters team is growing, and looking to add new team members! 

Visit our Masters Swimming page for more details.

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