Poor Mindset Red Flags

10 Swimming Mindset Red Flags

  1. Being too cautious or hesitant. 
  2. Being better in practice than in an event or meet.
  3. Swimming or diving to “not mess up” instead of being aggressive.
  4. Poor body language.
  5. Undermining your own potential. 
  6. Low confidence.
  7. Very nervous before a meet or your event.
  8. Easily distracted while competing.
  9. Struggles to bounce back after errors/mistakes.
  10. Too critical of yourself and obsessing about being perfect.

If your team or athletes struggle with these Red Flags it is important to address them immediately. Working harder doesn’t solve these problems. Maturing doesn’t solve these problems. You don’t get better at Math by studying English. You need to address the problem head on. 

Each of these can be improved with the right Mental Reps. As swimming competitors we make thousands of physical reps a week (turns, starts, sprints, etc.) Take the right Mental Reps each week as well and that’s when you break through plateaus and Jump Levels!