DCST Tops Fox Valley, Illinois Valley, Kewanee and Hastings Lake

DCST Tops Fox Valley, Illinois Valley, Kewanee and Hastings Lake


The Kishwaukee YMCA/Dekalb County Swim Team defeated Fox Valley, ILVY, Kewanee and Hastings Lake in a dual meet at home.  We had 68 of our 83 participating swimmers go career best times and 130 of our 232 individual swims were best times which calculated out to a great 56% best times for the team.


The following swimmers had an outstanding meet with all of their individual swims resulting in best times:


Amanda Buck

Rebekah Butzow

Emma Cohen

Matteo Graham

Jacob Gramer

Ana Hall

Alissa Kocjan

Eileen Lehan

Maeve Lehan

Ryann Lehan

Amelia Lowery

Avelina McMurtry

Edie Prais-Lewis

Hannah Raetzke

Anna Robbins

Vaughn Schamper

Kaylie Simms

Calvin VanderSchee

Jared VanderSchee

Aidric Walters

Ethan Welch

Addison Wojda



After each meet, the coaching staff picks two swimmers, one girl and one boy, as the “Big Dogs" of the meet. Big Dogs are not only selected on their performance in the meet, but the coaches also take into consideration the swimmer’s practice attendance, work ethic, team spirit and sportsmanship. For this meet, Eileen Lehan, age 9, and Ethan Smrz, age 8, were selected as Big Dogs of the meet.