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As we move through this incredibly unique time in our world, I have been asked to come up with some drylands ideas for the kids at home.  Swim coaches around the world are discussing what, when, how all things pool related.  Many of the discussions are keeping in shape related!

To speak to a wider audience than just the high school kids who know my "language" it is a bit of a challenge because there are, for example, about 100 ways to do "squats".  

I watch alot of swim specific sites and also many other sports and fitness websites and even with so many swim coaches discussing ideas, routines, etc, I have yet to see one that is both simple enough for all of the kids to do (images or videos), not boring, and challenging all at the same.  And is a free subscription.

The following are the main objectives of what we can do at home (not only for swim, but also for general health as that is pretty important right now).

1.  Sunlight - just 10 minutes day is HUGE.

2.  Drylands - The main objective of any dryland program is to develop "athleticism" in all ages.  Athleticism is not just doing a crunch, it is moving through space and time in a coordinated manner.  This can be helped through routines that are "moving".  Or playing basketball. Or any activity where balance is involved while performing something through the limbs.  The options are truly limitless (and overwhelming).

3.  Doing whatever in #2 CAREFULLY.  Using precise movements, ie, protecting the knee in a squat, with mindfulness to avoid injury and promote balance, strength and mobility.

4.  Strength - when a person is capable of doing a movement properly and in a repetitive fashion, weight, resistance or more challenging variations are the key to the next level.

5.  Keeping it "fresh" - after a bit we get "good" at things, the body adapts.  The key is to regulary change things to keep the body challenged and on the road to improvement.

In the pool, we are looking for 3 things:

1.  Mechanical Correctness - this one is the toughest while we are out of the pool.

2.  Speed - this can very much be assisted out of the water.

3.  Aerobic Increases - this we can work towards as well.

For now, I am going to share a few things we can all do at home to help with being out of the water, combat the "distancing" isolation, promote immune response and maybe just maybe be a family friend activity.  

1.  Go outside.  Even just a short walk is better than nothing.

2.  Videos - give the kids a project of looking for videos with instruction in different activities.  Just about anything will work.  I use many swim sources but googling or searching social media you can find so many things to do.  Keywords to use:  swim drylands, yoga, pilates, strength, aerobic, power, etc., or any noteworthy swimmer or coach will bring about lots of useful information and ideas.

3.  Play some sports - the usefulness of basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, soccer, etc, is immense!  

4.  Equipment - if you have any athletic equipment at home (treadmills, rowing machines, free weights, exercise balls, etc ) use it.  Again using the item as a keyword search is easy.

5.  Go for a run.  Just exercise a bit of caution if not normally a runner.  A 20-30 minute jog where conversation is uncomfortable but possible is a great way to know if the jog is helping aerobically.  If not a jogger (I get it), try some sprints... for 20-30 minutes, sprint as fast as possible for 20 seconds, walk easy for 40 seconds (this promotes both aerobic and power/speed).  Alternating the two will bring the best results.

Please ask if questions or want a bit more guidance, or have a piece of equipment you are not sure how to best use, etc....  I have some time to help as needed :)