Hollyburn Development Meet Recap - March 1, 2020

This was an amazing meet for our young swimmers. We had 11 swimmers achieve 100% best time,, had five athletes swim their first 400 freestyle and two swimmers make their Lower Mainland Regional (LMR) times.


More importantly we had many of our young swimmers display the skills that they have been working on in practice. Including:


·       Streamlining

·       Underwater dolphin kick

·       Strong turns in all four strokes

·       Starts


At this level best times and qualifying times are great accomplishments, but the development of skills is the focus. If swimmers develop their skills it will lead to best times and will give the athletes a better chance to be successful as they get older and reach higher levels in the sport.


It was amazing to see both Mia Zhou and Garrick Gao make their LMR qualifying times in their 200 IM. By swimming under 4:00 in their 200 IM it gives them the opportunity to compete in higher level meets. It was impressive to see Garrick do this in the first time he swam the event and for Mia to take off over 11 seconds to make her qualifying time.


Congratulation goes to Bianca Roth for attending her first swim meet.


I also want to acknowledge all of the parents and swimmers who came out to help out at the meet. Without your efforts we would not be able to run such amazing and impactful events at Hollyburn.


100% Best Times 

Cameron Chen, Garrick Gao, Rosemilor Jessup, Emma Johnston, Phillipa Lotz, Bianca Roth, Lucas Seltzer, Lily Thompson, Vian Vaziri, Evelyn Wan, Miz Zhou

Best 400m Freestyle Times
Saige Fiorvento (1st time!), Addison Groenewold (1st time!), Rebecca Haigh (by 33 seconds!), Esme Jessup (1st time!), Alessandra McCready (1st time!), Declan Murtha (by 22 seconds!), Shae Murtha (1st time!), Marcus Zhou (by 27 seconds!)

New Time Standards

Lower Mainland Region Meets 
Garrick Gao               200m Individual Medley
Mia Zhou                   200m Individual Medley