Training Through Our Break

Hope everyone has stayed safe, healthy and strong during the past few days.

First, take care of the health of yourself and family, please follow all government guidelines to keep everyone safe. During this unusual time, it is important for everyone to stay motivated and hopefully make the most of the situation. For our swimmers this means staying healthy, active and using a little time to expand their knowledge. You can start with a few articles regarding moving forward during this break in pool training.

I would highly recommend swimmers signing onto Olivier LeRoy’s email list on the yourswimlog website. He sends out two emails a week on Wednesday and Sunday mornings which are both great and constantly are discussing the same things we are talking about in practice. We are going to be using his book as well on a regular basis, it’s a really good tool.

It’s also a good opportunity to watch some of the fastest swimmers in the world. Swimmers can watch for technique, effort and race strategy and stay motivated for their return to the pool! A few recommendations:
Maggie MacNeil wins Gold in Women’s 100m Butterfly – FINA World Championships 2019 -
Canadian wins Bronze in Women’s 4x100m Freestyle - Rio 2016 -
Victor Davis Sets WR in 1984 Men’s 200m Breaststroke -
Mark Tewksbury wins Gold in Men’s 100m Backstroke – Barcelona 1992 -
Caleb Dressel – 17.63 in 50yards Freestyle -

Try to stay active, below are some basic workouts to be doing at home or out of the house.

If you are outside…
Follow appropriate social distancing, currently two metres between people.
Hike – with your family, challenge yourself with pace and distance as your body adapts to it
Run – take your time building up your distance as well. Mix in long easy runs with sprint or hill work. Sprints could incorporate a track or around a block, something as simple as five times one fast, one smooth after you are warmed up. Short sprints in a field for a few minutes after you run is great too. Hills could start with two-three times 30 second sprints up a hill and jog back easy to two-three times two minute sprints followed by two-three times one minute sprints with jogging back easy.
Biking – same idea as jogging or hiking
Skipping – by time or number of skips, challenge yourself to improve

If you are inside…
If you are inside and have access to a treadmill or stationary bike you can do the same type of workouts as outside running and biking, challenging yourself with big efforts for specific times or distances.  

Basic Warm-Up – 5-10 minutes
Jumping Jacks
Alternating Toe Touches
Standing Toe Touches to Streamline
Arm Swings
Leg Swings
Any other of your favorite activation exercises

Basic Dryland Routine – 15-30 minutes
Take a few of the exercises and do them with basic one minute of work, 20-30 seconds rest. All of these exercises can be found online for proper technique. Younger swimmers should have an adult watching as they get started to make sure they are following proper form.
Mountain Climbers
Side Squats
Side Planks
Oblique Crunches
Lower Body Crunches
Leg Lowers
Alternating V Sits
Russian Twists
Dead Bugs
Bird Dogs
Glute Bridge Holds

Also make sure to follow Jeff’s yoga workouts:

Pursuit – Physio Exercises
Pursuit swimmers should be making time to do the exercises they worked on with Tisha at least two-three times each week.  

Y’s with theraband
Release + Catch w/Tennis Ball
Scapula Push-Ups
Jump Lunges
Hip Internal Rotation Stretches
Thoracic Rotations
W/Partner (if possible)
Bow and Arrow w/Theraband
Partner Catches
Prone Partner Slapping

Pursuit – Dryland Training
Swimmers in Pursuit will also be getting a more detailed training plan to keep them progressing out of the pool.