Tuesday News from Coach Dave

First of all, I hope you're all safe and finding productive things to do. I know some swimmers have school online, while others do not.

I am holding online CAST meetings every weeknight at 5:00 pm for anyone from CAST who is interested (this includes swimmers from any level as well as any parent who wants to join in). Just  click this link to go to the meeting:

Parents - USA swimming sent out a notice last night telling coaches that USA swimming insurance is void if any training session is not directly supervised by a certified coach. I completely understand the reasoning for this. So, moving forward, anything I suggest as far as dryland or training, I will direct to you, the parents, as a possible workout that you can give your kids. It will be completely up to you to take any responsibility or liability if you pass any of it along to your kids. We can't have USA swimming pulling our charter because I'm not there to supervise your kids. . . . it's just the world we live in.

Having said that, please look at yesterday's post, as well as DawnEllas post from today. These are now suggestions of what you can have your kids do, and resources for workouts that are available online, they are in no way required by the coach.

Here are a couple of other resources (first see Coach DawnEllas note from this morning). Anything you have your kids do is up to you:

Here is the Yoga link that I posted last week. It has many different workouts:

Also: is 2 weeks free or a 6 month or a 1 yr membership. I think it's a great deal with over 1300 workouts available.

Again please join us nightly for what looks to be about 30 minute meetings on zoom.(link above).



oops one more thing..... I saw this posted by Landon's mom. It's a bunch of exercises assigned to each letter of the alphabet.....Just an could spell out all sorts of workouts.....Superman, Hogwarts, Captain Marvel, Swimmer, Thursday,'s up to you (with your parents premission and supervision - of course)