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NewsSplash 3/26/2020: Update on the Status of the Season

Hello Stingrays,


We hope you all are staying safe and navigating the terrains of homeschooling and isolation without too much difficulty.  


We wanted to update you on the status of the season (as much as we can in these unknown times!)


Currently the city pool is scheduled to stay closed until April 12th.  Schools are scheduled to stay closed through May 1st.  We will not know if these dates will get extended until we get closer to these actual dates.  


Normally, the deadline to withdraw from the team and get a full refund would be the first scheduled day of spring training, which would have been Monday, March 30th.  Given the unknown status of the season, we are extending the drop deadline for a full refund to Friday, May 1st.  By May 1st, we will be able to give you a better idea if a modified season will be able to proced or if the season will be cancelled altogether.  You may withdraw your swimmer and request a refund at any time, but ideally, wait until we are closer to May 1st to get an update from us on the status of the season (or lack thereof).  Then you can decide if you want to go forward with with a hopefully abbreviated season or if you want to withdraw from the team for a full refund.  Regardless, the absolute soonest we would get back in the water would be Monday, May 4th, and that is only if schools are back in session and the pool is reopened.  


Please take care and stay safe out there!!!!