Daves News for the week 4-6

CAST - Covid-19 - Out of the water - Week 4

I hope that everyone is well, and adapting to the restrictions that we're all under. Although I have hopes that we will be able to get back to some type of group workouts some time in May, no one knows.

What I am starting to plan for is that we may have a lifting of some restrictions, but not all of them at once. It may turn out that we're allowed to start some type of group dryland training with social distancing, before we're allowed to get back to normal pool practices.

For now, self discipline will be what sets some apart from others. I really believe this is a really good learning experience as far as self discipline goes. Without the highly structured routine that kids normally have with school-swim-eat-homework-sleep, learning opportunities abound.

I am hoping that our nightly meetings are providing a little bit of structure to the swimmers lives.

Join us each weeknight for learningat 5:00 pm.

This week: What can we learn from successful people?

The sessions will last between 30 and 45 minutes.

To Join The Zoom Meetings

Meeting ID: 898 062 451
Password: 481768

1) COVID-19 Notebook:

Unfortunately - most swimmers have not started their notebooks. I would appreciate a nudge from the parents on this........It doesn't have to be elaborate. could be anything from a couple of daily thoughts, to printing and posting some of the internet headlines, to notes on our nightly swim classes.

2) am and pm exercises

Get in a routine......a.m. get up active stretching 10 min, and 15-30 min exercise. Afternoon either before our 5pm meeting "class" or right after. . . another minimum of 15 minutes ---up to an hour. Plan it - again - get in a routine.

3. Watch assigned daily videos

Every day I assign a couple of videos to watch, and we review them a day or two later. We are addressing stroke technique, racing strategies, and mental aspects of being better people. I am hoping that what we address each week, will not only help in the water later on, but also in life.

Watch - take notes - write down your thoughts.

This weeks videos to watch - succesful people:

Monday: Jordan & Bryant --- It's not about basketball, it's how they approach it.

Tuesday: Rules for success - Jordan

Wednesday: Rules for your life - McConaughey

Thursday: Life advice - Washington

Friday: Success - Schwarzenegger (note to parents: he once uses the phrase "work your A** off"). May not be appropriate for some swimmers - please watch and you decide.

Saturday: Racing- same as last week (find new videos).

look up and watch some swim racing videos....... take some notes

Thanks for reading - hope to see you soon!

-Coach Dave