Team News During Pandemic Pool Downtime

We appreciate all the team support during our pool downtime.  The e-blast we send to members during the pool downtime will also be posted here so everyone can stay informed.  Please email with any questions or concerns.

ATTENTION Email Sent March 30, 2020:

Update: Rocklin Mavericks

Thank you for your patience as we try to navigate our way through running a swim program in the age of a pandemic.

There has been no solid / reliable date given for when we may be able to resume our practices / programming.  While we are hoping for the pools to reopen in April, the more likely start date is looking like early May (if all goes well).  

As April 1st approaches, we're sure that many of you are wondering how RST plans to approach the next billing cycle while there is no programming being provided.  

For each billing cycle that occurs while we're under health & safety restrictions, your account will be charged a reduced rate of only $50 per month.  This fee will cover a portion of the costs that RST/RMAV still needs to pay in order to keep the program afloat.  

Once we resume practicing again, we will assess where we are at in the billing cycle and make any necessary credits/adjustments to reflect for the fact that payment was made in full for the month of March.  Thank you again for your support of RST and the Mavs program.

ATTENTION Emails Sent April 1, 2020:

RMAV Dryland for April

Since we're not able to swim for a while, Eddie and I are putting together a dryland program for the kids to do on their own.  We're not exactly sure how to post the workouts, but we'll make sure everyone knows how to find the workouts once they're available.

I will be at Whitney today from 2:00pm to about 5:00pm checking out equipment (medicine balls, jump ropes, etc).

Social distancing will be practiced.  I'll put out the equipment near the office / back pool gate.  Please send a parent or swimmer over to pickup today, if you can.

League Funding Team for Parent and Swimmer Safe Sport Training

We hope you are safe & healthy and enjoyed the pretty day today. We had some league news from Sierra Nevada to share and need your help! The league is giving teams money and we qualify if our Rocklin Swim Team Swimmers (ages 12-17) and Adults (parents and coaches) take Safe Sport training on the USA Swimming portal.

The training will be tracked to give our team credit so we NEED YOU to complete the training. Don't assume others will do it, as we really need you because every participant counts! Please select the “READ HERE” at the this link before taking the training, as it explains the why and what we are asking you to do for the team. It is really important that we have a high percentage of participation so we can qualify for the funding. It is best to do the training on a computer when you have a 20-30 minute block of time and you can pause and return if needed but it is super important to complete it.

We look forward to seeing you back on the pool deck when safe to do so. Til then, eat well, exercise, sleep, learn something new and enjoy time with family. Your Mavs family thanks you for your time!! Text our Board Secretary Patricia HIll if you questions (916-768-4739).

ATTENTION Email Sent April 13, 2020:

RMAV Dryland


Attached is today's dryland workout for RMAV swimmers.  It can also be found on our website under the  "Practice/Meets" tab - Submenu "Dryland Workouts".

Zoom meetings will be set up 2 or 3 times per week.  These meetings will be chances for the coach and swimmer to discuss the workouts, answer questions, and give everyone a chance to reconnect / socialize in a virtual team environment.

A link will be sent out for the first Zoom meeting later today.  Since we communicate our team information via parents, and not directly to the swimmers, we'll need all parents' help in forwarding the information to their swimmers.

We should be able to use the same information for all Zoom meetings (we think), so it shouldn't require multiple efforts to communicate how to log-in to each Zoom meeting.

All updates and information will be loaded to our  website dryland page as they become available.