Workout Videos, Weekly Challenges, Logo Contest and More

Happy Monday VJO Swimmers & Parents!

Below are Coach Jennifer and Coach Maureen's Workout YouTube videos for this week with step by step instructions. Coach Maureen and Coach Jennifer will be doing the 30 minute Full Body Cardio video 4 to 5 times a week. We will be doing the 12 minute Full Body Tabata video or the 20 minute HIIT Bodyweight Workout 3 to 4 times a week. We will also be doing the 30 minute Yoga for Swimmers Shoulders, Core, Back & Hips video 2-3 times a week to keep up our flexibility.


In addition to the videos, Coach Jennifer goes for a 1 hour walk or bike ride each day with her dog and family. Coach Maureen also hikes with her dog Cali each day.


Workout Videos for April 20th - April 26th 2020

  • 30 Min Full Body Cardio (30 min, 4-5 days/wk)


20 Min HIIT Bodyweight Workout No equipment Needed  

(12 or 20 Min, 3-4 days/wk) 

  • 30 Min Yoga For Swimmers Shoulders, Core, Back & Hips (30 min, 2-3 days/wk)  


Dinner Delivered to Your Door Fundraiser- A Huge Success!

Thank you to everyone that participated in our first Dinner Delivered to Your Door Fundraiser on April 7th & 9th. With your help our team raised over $450. We couldn't do this without all of you. This money will help keep our Coaching staff employed during this time. A special "Thank you!" to the Panlilio Family for creating and putting on this event.

-Coach Jennifer


Weekly Zoom Meetings For All Groups!

We will be continuing our Weekly Zoom Video Group Meetings for all groups! The Zoom meetings have been going great and it is wonderful to be able to check in with our swimmers weekly. These meetings will help keep our swimmers connected during these changing times. It also allows our coaching staff to check in with our swimmers and keep them motivated and inspired with their workouts. Each group will have 2 weekly Zoom meetings (every Monday and Thursday). Below is the schedule for each group's Weekly Zoom Meetings. Security enhancements for Zoom Meeting have increased. All meetings now have the waiting room feature automatically turned on and password enabled. Coach Jennifer will re-send out each group's login and password information today. 

     Zoom Group Meeting Schedule:  (Every Monday & Thursday, 45min)

  3:00-3:45pm - Hammerhead 1 & 2 Groups 

     4:00-4:45pm - Junior Group

     5:00-5:45pm - Junior 2 & Senior Groups

     6:00-6:45pm - Leopard & Mako Groups


Weekly Challenge - “Solano County Online Swim League Challenge”

Our coaches have created “Weekly Challenges”.  All our VJO swimmers are encouraged to participate in these fun challenges!  This week's Weekly Challenge is the “Solano County Online Swim League Challenge”.  The SASO and Vacaville Swim Club will be participating in this challenge with us this week.  During your weekly scheduled Zoom Meeting on Thursday , we will hold a competition for each group. Swimmers make sure you are practicing during the week!  Our Coaches will talk about these challenges today during our Zoom Meetings.

Challenge #1      Jump Rope Challenge

Swimmers will complete as many jumps as they can in 1 minute. 


Challenge #2      Soccer Ball Juggle Challenge

Swimmers will complete as many soccer ball bounces (any part of legs) as possible.  Each swimmer will have 3 chances.


Challenge #3      Bubble Challenge

Swimmers will blow the biggest bubble gum bubble as possible.  Each swimmer will receive 3 attempts.



Solano County Online Swim League - Logo Contest

We will have a logo design contest for members of all three participating teams (VJO -Vallejo Aquatic Club, SASO -Solano Aquatic Sea Otters & VAC Vacaville Swim Club).  This logo contest is open to all swimmers at VJO, VACA and SASO. More details about our new “Solano County Online Swim League will come in a separate email today.


VJO swimmers can submit their logos for the Solano County League by emailing them to Coach Jennifer ( [email protected] ) NO LATER than August 27.

You can also visit our new “solanoswimleague” Instagram page.






Make sure to take advantage of your time and get better at something each day.  

Keep up your workouts!

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.” - Nelson Mandela


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Coach Jennifer Thiem

[email protected]


Coach Maureen Orr

[email protected]