As we come toward May 1st, I am shocked at how the month of April felt like a blink.  I do not profess this is everyone’s experience and certainly understand every household must look different during this shutdown, but I didn’t realize how I often measure time by events and things to do or done on my calendar.  Considering I didn’t have any of those previous measurements in April, I am learning to look at my time differently.


What I have struggled with this last month is missing SCAT.  Although I don’t get the pleasure of being on deck with your children each day, I always felt connected through talking with our coaches and hearing day to day how the team was doing.  I know our coaches are feeling the loss of the time with your children also.


I also feel a bit of regret for how abruptly we ended.  I was certainly in denial not believing how long this might last and definitely no understanding of how we will return,


I (we) write to you today, not with any new information or picture of what is to come, but only with a greeting to let you know we think of you often.


As coaches and a staff, we are still in touch regularly.   We do not know when Kedron will reopen and how swim teams will be allowed to start again.  We are in touch with other coaches and programs and there is much discussion of how the future could look.   We continue to strategize about what CAN be.


We reach out to you just to say hello and to let you know we are still connected and look forward to what the future will hold.  We trust we will rise to the new standard and confident that we will work hard to do whatever is necessary.


If anyone would like to talk or reach out to say hello to your coaches, our emails and phones still work.  We have enjoyed hearing from you several of you.


We also have access to Zoom meetings which has been a nice resource for our High School swimmers.  We intentionally did not add Zoom meetings for middle and grade school students as we suspected they had enough online and screen time with school work and social media.  That said, I have considered the idea of setting up a ZOOM meeting for each practice group if for no other reason than to allow the kids to see one another’s face.  If any of you think this would be beneficial, I am happy to facilitate. 


My pastor shared wonderful words yesterday that I hope we can all consider,

“What if the secret to being an OVERCOMER is not waiting for normal to return, but actually creating something new and better?” 


We wish all of you something new and better as we walk through this journey together.


Denise Sturman

on behalf of all the coaches at SCAT

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