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Season Update

Hello Stingrays Family!


We hope you are all staying healthy and maneuvering through the ups and downs of these crazy times in an okay-ish sort of way!  


In our last NewsSplash, we extended the drop deadline for a full refund to May first.  Given that we are still in a state of limbo, the drop deadline is being extended again.  If the season is cancelled after May 1st, we will still honor a full refund.  If we can manage some sort of partial season as the summer proceeds, we will advise you of this and proceed from there.  As of right now, the city pool is still closed for an undetermined length of time so we are all in the same waiting game as everyone else.  


Most importantly, try to stay healthy!  Please reach out to us with any questions....we may not know the answers but we will try!