Florist Who Supported DTAC For Years

As Mothers' Day approaches and orders for floral arrangements pick up, please consider an order with Gini Herbst, the owner of Desert Poppy in North Scottsdale.

For several years, Gini served as our Meet Administration Official for meets we have hosted. She was never affiliated with our team and never collected a payment and would refuse gifts of gratitude. Gini is the conduit between a race being legitimate or not. She has been the glue that kept a meet together when (behind the scenes) the "nuts and bolts" were starting to rattle loose. Gini's priority was never to be anyone's friend, but to serve the purpose of making our meets legitimate under their USA Swimming Sanction, for the swimmers of Arizona.

Gini has left meet administration and started her independent floral shop  a little over a year ago. Please consider ordering an arrangement from her for all the years she supported DTAC. You can search Desert Poppy and it should come up top of the list. She has expanded her delivery area in consideration of the pandemic, but I personally will be driving up to pick up a couple arrangements on Mothers' Day weekend.

Thank you for any consideration.