Agon Swim Producing Masks for CPSC - UPDATE

With everything going on right now and not knowing how long things will last, I figured we could all get into a little CPSC spirit with some club mask designs.  


The masks are two layered with organic cotton inside, hygenic microfiber outside, washable, & come in two designs with two types of straps (tye back & looping slider).  While these are not surgical approved, they are 94% filtration protection.


While I have no inside knowledge of anything coming, I do feel that at least in the short run we will all be asked to wear masks out in public.  And why not rep CPSC while we're at it!!


If you are interested, click on the link below.....orders are handled through Agon and sent directly to your home.


CPSC Masks from AGON Swim


Additional Links:

Face Mask Fabric Specs

Face Mask Washing Instructions

Face Mask Sizing Guide


Hope to see you all soon!!



Coach John