Solano County Swim League - Week 2 Info
Solano County Swim League
Info-Week 2
Thursday, May 7th - Team Challenges
During our weekly scheduled Zoom Meetings on Thursday May 7th, we will hold a competition for each group. VJO swimmers make sure you are practicing each challenge below during the week!   This week’s League Challenge is now open to all age groups.
Weekly Challenges (May 4th- May 8th):
Event 1 -  Burpees
Swimmer will do 1 minute of burpees. Swimmers must do a full squat jump followed by a
streamline jump for each one to count.
Event 2 - Jumping Jacks
Swimmer will do 100 jumping jacks. Hands must touch thighs and clap together above
their head. Swimmers will race to 100 jumping jacks.
Event 3 -  Paper Baskets
Swimmers will set a waste basket 6 feet from them. Each swimmer can have up to 10
paper balls. Swimmers will have 2:00 to complete as many baskets as possible. After you have thrown all 10 paper balls, you will run to the basket to collect them and start over until the 2 minutes is up. 
Event 4 -  Water Bottle Flips
Swimmers will race to complete 10 water bottle flips.

Friday, May 8th - Solano County Swim League Competition
This week’s League Challenge are now open to all age groups. One individual from each team will be selected on Thurday for each event.
Guest Speaker(s) -  Starting this week we will have a guest speaker drop in on our League Zoom Meetings and give a short inspirational talk to all our swimmers.  Each week we will have a new surprise guest speaker. 
Group Warm-up -  A 5 minute group warm-up will be led by our speaker or guest athlete. Please make sure you are in proper dryland attire.  
Introduction of Competitors  - One to two older swimmers from each team will introduce their teams competitors.
Logo Contest
The winning logo will be announced 
Event Line-up:
Event 1 -  Burpees (1 min)
Event 2 - Jumping Jacks (100)
Event 3 -  Paper Baskets (2 min)
Event 4 -  Water Bottle Flips (10 flips)
ZOOM Meeting Info
Solano County Swim League is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Solano County Swim League Week 2
Time: May 8, 2020 05:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Meeting ID: 813 0088 6166
Password: 281346
VJO Coaching Staff