Pat Tillman Interview

Below is a link where the Arizona Cardinals posted an interview of Pat Tillman from his NFL years. I personally believe it's a powerful few minutes of insight to a man many of us admire for the choice he made to follow the path he felt was right, versus the path of lucrative contract.

The interview hits on:

1. Preparation for competition,

2. Moderating energy and motivation levels,

3. Saving your "10" for the moments that are most special to you and not trying to be "10" all the time,

4. Following your passion,

5. Knowing your "why", as in why you are doing what you are doing.

Obviously, some of you may have to convey the story of Pat Tillman with age appopriate-ness in mind, but I believe there's something for every member of our team in this 5:00 clip.