Let's Go Swimming!!!

Good evening,

Great news! We have reserved competitive pool space effective this coming Monday! The details of the pool usage are coming out tomorrow or Friday, but I wanted to at least bid you all a good evening, or good morning, with the news that we have pool time!

Below are some basic points to know about how this pool usage will work. Consider this DTAC's "Phase 1" of returning to training:

1. Limited to 8 swimmers and 1 coach at the pool at a time.

2. In this first week, swims will be limited to 55 Minutes, in order to maximize getting everyone into the water in this first week. We will re-evaluate at the end of the week to see if we can expand the time for appropriate groups after the first week.

3. Practices will be scheduled on a reservation system through the Job Sign-Up function on the team's site.

4. Practices will be late, and/or on the weekend. We are taking what we can get and working with the coaches to efficiently schedule practices under the parameters we have been given.

5. Online activities/engagements/workouts via Zoom will continue. Since we will not be up to full swim schedule, these online activities should help supplement.

Please do not send any questions off this News post. Many questions will be answered once we roll out the detailed plan tomorrow or Friday. Then I can take questions that were not answered.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing everyone back in the pool!

Coach Bryan