DTAC Phase 1 of Return To Swim

Good afternoon Desert Thunder Families,


This coming Monday, we have the privilege of returning to the water, though it will initially look nothing like how we used to train. Bear with us… this is a new process and will undoubtedly undergo revision and refinement in the ensuing weeks. 


Most of you should have responded to some manner of schedule survey with your swimmer’s coach. Understand that survey serves us when we can return to CHS or City of Chandler pools. The EVO swim school facilities did not have the same flexibility as they needed to serve RIO swimmers first, and they chose to serve us second. That put us into late evening swims. 


There are a lot of moving parts to this. Frustration needs to be met with patience and productive conversation. There will be challenges and complications. Reach out to us… we will work on solutions for any challenge we meet. 


The Guidelines for facility usage are non-negotiable and not up for discussion, other than questions regarding clarity. If a swimmer and/or his/her family is not respecting the guidelines that will lead to removal from practice. The Guidelines For Participation are at the bottom of this letter. Please send any questions to me if you have any.


At the time of posting this message, the reservations via Job Sign Up are not posted, yet.


Thank you, 

Coach Bryan



Pre-Seniors: Evo Swim School @ Power & Elliot

Seniors, HSD, Juniors, Gold, Rookie, 8U, & Masters: Evo Swim School @ Pecos & 202



We are being offered times not being used by RIO’s competitive and pre-competitive programs, which means we are in the evenings. Older groups are going pretty late with priority for earlier time slots going to the younger swimmers. Time slots are presently scheduled in one hour intervals, with 5 minutes being devoted to a “shift change”, as in we have to get swimmers out before we can bring the next shift of swimmers in. 


Reservation Procedure:

This process will be a little arduous, but it’s necessary to meet the parameters for pool usage and not have swimmers being turned away. Please see the bullet points for reservation below:

  • Practices will be posted by the day in Events with your reservation occurring via Job Sign Up

  • You must find your group’s shifts in Job Sign-up and select that “shift” for your swimmer. Parent names will show up on the sign up, so please put your swimmer’s name in the comment field when you sign up.

  • If you commit, then COMMIT! Remember, if you take a spot, that’s a spot another swimmer could have had. If you reserve it, use it, barring illness or unforeseen circumstances.

  • Coaches CANNOT manage your Job Sign-Up for you. Only account holders are able to sign up or remove a sign up. If you reserve a lane, but have to cancel, then remove that reservation, so someone else can use it. 

  • See “Guidelines For Participation” as written by the owner of EVO. There is no room for violation of these guidelines as we cannot risk being the reason the pool gets shut down for everybody. 

  • Rules and limitations:

    • No more than three swims per week, two swims for 8U’s per week.

    • No back to back time slot reservations. We are trying to increase the frequency of swims per week initially, not the duration of each swim.

    • Reserve within your group’s time slots first (see my notes regarding “Adjacent Group Flexibility”)

    • Siblings can sign up for others, for example: If a brother sees two spots for him and his sister, he can reserve both spots, BUT make sure each swimmer’s name is noted in the comment section of the reservation. 

    • See Adjacent Group Flexibility where I try to address carpooling and reserving for others.


Adjacent Group Flexibility

For the time we are swimming under a reservation system at the EVO swim schools, we are offering flexibility to train with adjacent groups. The reasons for this flexibility amount to siblings in different groups, a swimmer’s group spots filling up, and needing to get the 3rd swim in but finding spots filled. 

  • Adjacent groups are defined as:

    • Masters and Senior/HSD are adjacent groups

    • Seniors/HSD and Pre-Seniors are adjacent groups

    • Pre-Seniors and Juniors are adjacent groups

    • Juniors and Gold are adjacent groups

    • Gold and Rookie are adjacent groups*

    • Rookie and 8U are adjacent groups*

*Coach Riannon may have more direct instruction on her group blends, so please communicate directly with her regarding this.


  • Rules for Adjacent group reservations:

    • 1st seek reservations within your training group

    • Adjacent group siblings can book into adjacent groups along with their sibling, for example: a family with Pre-senior and Junior swimmers can book both swimmers into either two Pre-Senior lanes or two Junior lanes. We can extend this flexibility to a two person carpool, but we cannot have a single parent booking several lanes for various swimmers. Acceptable: two lanes booked by the same parent, with one of the swimmers being non-family. Un-acceptable: five lanes booked by the same parent for swimmers from 2-3 different families. 

    • If you are needing an adjacent group, you have to wait until 24 hours PRIOR to a time slot to grab an empty lane. For example, a Master swimmer finds the Master time slots fully booked, but can make the Friday 9:30 PM slot with Seniors. They need to wait until Thursday 9:30 PM before grabbing an empty lane that may be available. 



How long will this be our training situation? At the time of writing this, we are not sure. We hope it is temporary to bridge us back into usage of CHS, even if under limited numbers of swimmers per lane. At the time of this writing, both CHS and City of Chandler Aquatics have plans to reopen, but no firm dates. We will update as soon as we have something concrete to work with. CHS must deal with graduation first, and discussion of facilities is a distant second to that. Please be patient. 



Online Zoom activities will continue since we cannot get everyone back to full swimming schedules and not everyone is ready to start swimming, yet. We respect everyone’s individual decisions during this unprecedented time and will continue to offer online engagements to keep all our swimmers tied in with the team. Schedules may have to shift a bit, so stay tuned.


Guidelines for Participation:

1. Only 8 swimmers and one coach will be allowed on deck at any given time. Only one swimmer allowed per lane. 

2. Swimmers in odd lanes will start from the south end of the pool while swimmers in even lanes will start from the north end of the pool. 

3. Swimmers must wear a mask as they enter the pool area and then again after they dry off and leave the pool area. 

4. Practices will last 55 minutes with a 5 minute passing period. Swimmers will not be allowed on deck until the swimmers from the prior practice have left the pool deck. 8U’s may practice 45-50 minutes depending on how quickly they can exit the pool and gather their belongings.

4. Swimmers will enter only from one side and exit only from the other side of the pool. 

5. Parents are not allowed on deck. If parents wish to wait for their child, they must stay in their car if they intend to stay on the property. No exceptions will be permitted. 

6. No showers or changing will be permitted. Come dressed in your suit and leave in your suit.