Dave's Notes ---- May11th


May 11, 2020


CAST - Covid-19 - Out of the water - Week 9

This is probably not what we all expected when the first stay-at-home orders were coming out. A couple of weeks of flattening the curve, maybe a couple more, and then we could head back to normal. We are all finding out that normal will be a while. Even when we get to start swimming again, things will be different for quite some time. We are working on getting things pushed forward, but there are still many unknowns.

I am on a task force of approximately 15 coaches and LSC chairpersons from each of the LSC's in CA and NV. Last week we came up with a plan to pursue persuading the governor to include swimming in the current phase of reopening. That letter was sent today. Currently "lap swimming" is slated for phase 3, but no one can predict when that will be.

Without the governors specific okay, it doesn't mean "game over", it just means that each small pocket of people has multiple hoops to jump through in convincing their local mayors, city councils, health officials and people who control the water to allow groups to get going.

The "whole state" approach pools the large numbers of swimmers, coaches, and affiliated personnel to help open the door for everyone.

I have attached a link (at the bottom) the letter that was sent to the governor today. We will be working on local officials this week. It is more complex than just getting the people who control poos to say "yes". As well as notes from our task force, just to keep informed. I added at the top of the task force notes, that if/when we need you to take action, we will let you know. We are trying to do things methodically at each step in order to make sure we're heard first from the LSC (local swim committee) chairpeople, and then they hear the voices of the swimmers / coaches / families etc. backing up what was already said.

1) Amazon Smile

Just a reminder as you are staying at home and buying things remotely . . . If you use Amazon Smile the team gets a small portion 1/2 of 1% of your purchases. All you need to do is initially name CAST as the group you're donating to, and then access Amazon through a smile link. We have a link on the left side of our web page. It is also HERE


2. Nightly video sessions

Join us each weeknight for learning at 5:00 pm.

The sessions will last between 30 and 45 minutes.

To Join The Zoom Meetings

Meeting ID: 898 062 451
Password: 481768


The group projects last week were awesome. I think we will continue with it this week with swimmers who have the most olympic swimming medals. Even though we have already addressed many of these athletes from a different perspective, this week will be a little different.

I want the reports to include the following:

-total medals, which Olympics, what were their toughest medals. short bio

- taking screenshots (minimum 15) from at least 3 of their medal races to analize and report on their technique.

- and then pick a video to watch all the way through.


You can start here:


Watch Monday Review at Tuesday meeting: Gary Hall JR and Matt Biondi

Watch Tuesday review at Wednesday meeting: Mark Spitz and Natalie Coughlin

Watch Wednesday review at Thursday meeting: Dara Torres and Ryan Lochte

Watch Thursday review at Friday meeting:Jenny Thompson and (other country) Franzi van Almsick

Watch Friday Review on Monday: The GOAT Michael Phelps.

Letter to Governor Newsom

Task force notes