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Resources for Midwestern Clubs – COVID-19 Response

There is so much information in the notes of the LSC calls. The links are there to more information.

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See LSC Team Support Programs

Individual LSC responses re: assistance programming

LSC focus area tabs with resource contacts

General Chair contact column may be found in Column I of the LSC Programs tab

Join the USA Swimming LSC Leaders Facebook page (answer both the LSC question and agree to the terms to be approved for membership)

Review the Crisis Management Resource Folder

Visit the USA Swimming Swimming Community Coronavirus Resources page

To: Zone Directors, LSC General Chairs, Committee Chairs, Club Presidents and Coaches 

 Resources From USA Swimming


Zoom ( ), an enterprise video conferencing with real-time messaging and content, has become one of the most prominent virtual tools during the Coronavirus crisis. For many members, the program has helped facilitate continued athlete engagement, virtual training and business continuity.

Beginning today, we have secured ‘Enterprise’ licenses, which provide the greatest number of features, for USA Swimming clubs for a 90-day period. Access requests should be sent to Paula D’Amico at [email protected] .

In addition to the one Enterprise license per club, we also encourage you to register for free Basic accounts as needed.

 USA Swimming Employee Assistance Program (EAP) mental health services for Coaches

During the COVID-19 pandemic coaches can now utilize the online/phone USA Swimming Employee Assistance Program (EAP) mental health services. The program provides health and wellness information as well as online resources and assistance for concerns such as: coping with Stress and Anxiety, Financial Fitness, Managing Work and Career, Parenting Resources, Older Adult Resources, Mental Health Conditions, Overcoming Depression and Grief, Relationship Resources and more.

Further information can be accessed here:


Traditionally, #Swimbiz is an annual marketing conference that emphasizes social media, advertising, branding, communications, sponsorship and local promotions for teams.

Subject matter experts are now being scheduled to deliver virtual seminars for club leaders and coaches. Beginning April 27, these presentations will be made available via the Swimming Community Coronavirus Resources page on .


We have worked with OneAmerica, one of USA Swimming’s financial services providers, to offer education and resources to help you navigate the days ahead. Whether you are looking for more information on budgeting, dealing with market volatility, or if you would be interested in connecting with a financial advisor, please visit:

Club Leadership & Business Management School (CLBMS) 201 course

How to register

The general information is up on our website:

Small Business Information

Link to Quicksilver Swimming document – Santa Clara Co, California