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Y Update

Y Hub Fins Families and Swimmers,

As members of the YMCA, you should have received an email on Tuesday about our first step to reopening our doors for members, beginning Friday, May 15th.  We want to keep our members safe and protected while they use our facilities, so we are following strict guidelines from the CDC, state and local authorities.  If you did not see the email, please see the Y's website at regarding the Phase 1 reopening guidelines.

The pools will be opening next Monday, May 18th, but this will ONLY be for 1 person per lane. Please keep in mind that facility access will be limited to members ages 13 and older. Members ages 13 and 14 must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older. Time in the facility will be limited to one hour. These are just a few of our reopening guidelines, so be sure you are aware of all of our guidelines posted in the link above, before coming back to the Y.

During this time we still must adhere to social distancing rules, therefore all groups of the Y Hub Fins will continue to be canceled until further notice.  For those swimmers ages 13 and older, as members of the Y, feel free to come on your own to swim for an hour.  Since we can't meet as a team, just swim on your own and do the normal 1500 deep warm up (older swimmers, you should know what this is). After the deep warm up, just swim long and steady with good form, being sure to count strokes for any time you have remaining in your hour.  

Missing our Team!
-Y Hub Fins Coaches