July Invititational Stretch Times / Warm-up / Timeline / Psych Sheet



July Invitational (July 15-18, 2010)


Psych Sheet

Timing Lane Assignments (BBST is requested to help time during the meet.  There is a volunteer sign-up on the "Events" page)

Meet Entries

*This is a Prelims and Finals meet.

Location:  KCAC - Federal Way, WA

Stretch / Warm-up times:

Thursday (800 & 1500 Freestyles): 2:45pm


Friday (11-14 years old): 6:45am

Friday (10&U and 15&O): 10:45am

Friday FINALS: 4:00pm


Saturday (11-14 years old): 6:45am

Saturday (10&U and 15&O): 11:45am

Saturday FINALS: 4:00pm


Sunday (11-14 years old): 6:45am

Sunday (10&U and 15&O): 11:15am

Sunday FINALS: 4:00pm