Weekly Mailer - Weekly Workouts, Weekly Challenge & Zoom Meetings
Happy Monday VJO Swimmers & Parents!
Below are Coach Jennifer and Coach Maureen's Workout YouTube videos for this week. Coach Maureen and Coach Jennifer will be doing the 45 minute Crazy HIIT Cardio & Abs Video 4 to 5 times a week. We will be doing the 45 minute Dryland Workout Video 3 to 4 times a week. We will also be doing the 30 minute Beginner Flexibility Routine Video 2-3 times a week to help maintain our flexibility. Since our workout videos are longer, Coach Jen and I are only doing three workout videos this week.
Flexibility: I know that I have been getting really tight lately due to all the new and different activities and workouts I have been doing. This week I am going to really focus on my stretching. I invite you to do the same. Make sure that stretching is part of your weekly routine.
Additional Cardio Recommended: In addition to the videos, Coach Jennifer goes for a 1 hour walk or bike ride each day with her dog and family. Coach Maureen also hikes with her dog Cali each day. What else will you do to stay active?  Make sure to find something you enjoy doing.
Workout Videos for May 18th - May 24th 2020
  1. Crazy HIIT Cardio & Abs 45 Min
  2. Dryland Workout at Home 45 Min
  3. Beginner Flexibility Routine 30 Min

Weekly Zoom Meetings For All Groups!
We will be continuing our Weekly Zoom Video Group Meetings for all groups! The Zoom meetings have been going great and it is wonderful to be able to check in with our swimmers weekly. These meetings will help keep our swimmers connected during these changing times. It also allows our coaching staff to check in with our swimmers and keep them motivated and inspired with their workouts. Each group will have 2 weekly Zoom meetings (every Monday and Thursday). Below is the schedule for each group's Weekly Zoom Meetings. 
*** Zoom Meeting login ID’s have changed. Please check your email from Thursday, May 7th for new login information. *** 
             Zoom Group Meeting Schedule:  (Every Monday & Thursday, 45min)
 3:00-3:45pm - Hammerhead 1 & 2 Groups 
            4:00-4:45pm - Junior Group
            5:00-5:45pm - Junior 2 & Senior Groups
            6:00-6:45pm - Leopard & Mako Groups


Below are the challenges for this week's Solano County Swim League Week #3. On Thursday, during our groups scheduled Zoom Meeting coaches will be going through each one of these challenges to see who will represent our team. On Friday, May 22nd we will have our Week #3 Solano County Swim League Challenges at 5:00pm on Zoom. League Zoom Info will follow in a seperate email. Make sure you are practicing!
#1  Push-up Relay  
For the push-up relay, each team will complete 90 push-ups total. Each team will consist of one 10 & Under swimmer, one 11-12 swimmer and one 13 & Over swimmer.        
10 and under           20
11-12 and under      30
13 and over             40
#2  Sit-ups 
Swimmers will have 2 minutes to complete as many sit-ups as possible.  Feet must stay on ground. Feet may be pinned under something (ie couch) or held down by another individual.
 2 minutes
12 and under
13 and older
#3   Rubik's Cube Race
Athletes will complete a Rubik’s cube as fast as possible. There is not time limit.
#4   Blindfolded Drawing Contest 
Athletes will draw the Solano Swim League Logo Blindfolded.
12 and under
13 and older
Book Recommendation – “Conquer the Pool”
Make sure you are Stay Mentally Fit! This is a great time to do some reading. Conquer the Pool is the best publication to address the mental and emotional process for athletes. In addition to the book, work on honing the mental skills critical for a balanced and healthy emotional state: relaxation, visualization, and affirmation.
GOAL – come back with a more positive mindset, emotion balance, and a process-driven mentality





Thank you to all of our swimmers that participated in our "Most Creative Salad" Challenge last week.  Your salads were very creative and look absolutely deliscous!  Great job VJO swimmers!  Below are a few of the pictures our swimmers submitted. Check out our team Instagram and our team Facebook page to see all of the "Most Creative Salad" Challenge pictures.
Unfortunately our Deep Dish Pizza Dinner Delivered to Your Door Fundraiser is already FULL and CLOSED for this week. Thank you to everyone that participated. Dinner is going to be amazing this week!  A special "Thank you!" to the Panlilio family for creating and organizing this fundraiser for our team. 
We are all in this Together!
Make sure to take advantage of your time and get better at something each day.  Keep up your workouts!
“You are only confined by the walls you build yourself.” Unknown
Coach Jennifer Thiem
Coach Maureen Orr