Online Petition - Open Solano County Pools for Fitness Swimming
Online Petition  
Open Solano County Pools for
Fitness Swimming


Our local Solano County Swim Teams have started an online petition that we encourage all of our VJO members to support by signing and sharing on social media.  This is our opportunity to show that we are ready to safely return to the pool.
Why? Solano County is currently open for outdoor recreation; however this does not include the use of pools.  We believe that fitness swimming should be considered a safe activity, much like walking, running, golfing, hiking and cycling.  We would like to see swimming also included as a fitness option in Solano County.  This would include Social Distancing Requirements, which would be closely monitored.  This would not include recreational swim at this time, due to the challenges of maintaining proper social distancing.
Fitness swimming for teams and individuals does not require direct contact between participants or coaches and social distancing can be maintained and monitored.  As with all exercise and activity, swimming would comply with standards for social distancing and safety within aquatic facilities. The CDC has indicated that there is no evidence the disease spreads through treated water. Proper operation and maintenance (including disinfection with chlorine) of these facilities should inactive the virus in the water.
We know, with collaboration between team leaders, coaches, public health officials, and facility operators we can create safe plans for using aquatic facilities to promote physical and mental health opportunities compliant with public health directives.  Most programs have already prepared "Return to the Pool" plans and have communicated to their facilities.  Additional aquatics programs could be included moving forward as the current health crisis abates.
The following swim programs in Solano County have been communicating on a regular basis and are in support of opening of pools for fitness use. 
Benicia Stringrays
Dixon Dolphins
Rio Vista Sharks
SASO Swimming 
Vacaville Waves Swim Team
Vallejo Aquatics Club