Team Status Update 5-21-2020

Good evening Desert Thunder Families,


It’s time for the monthly team update. There have been some significant updates this last week, and I will synthesize that information for you in this message. Overall, we are making very gradual progress back to normalcy. Patience is a precious virtue at this time.


Swimming at Evo

    This last week and a half has been quite successful swimming at the Evo locations. You all have done very well to work with the less than perfect appointment schedule and I appreciate the productive communication and patience in executing it. Also, everyone is being a great sport regarding the safety parameters built for a safe swim practice. 

      This coming week, starting Memorial Day, we are allowed to expand to two swimmers per lane. This allows for more swims for each group. There are a few time and location shifts for all groups other than Seniors. I am posting a new “Job Sign Up” this evening in the Week #3 Return to Swim. We will stick with 55 minute swims for now. The next incremental increase of swimmers per lane should allow for an expansion of practice duration based on group needs. See below:

    Seniors = 5 swims

    HSD, PS, JR, Gold = 4 swims

    Rookie = 3-4 swims

    8U = 2-3 swims


Chandler High School

    There has been little to no progress on getting us back into the water at CHS. They are focused on academic priorities for wrapping up this year and preparing for next, plus planning for the high school graduation. To date, re-opening facilities for rental has not been addressed that I am aware of. I’m having weekly check ins with the school administration, and have made suggestions for a safe re-opening of the pool, but with no concrete progress to date. 


City of Chandler Pools

    CoC Aquatics has informed us June 6th is the date of return for club teams using the city pools. We tend to sit 4th in priority for club rental of city pools, so I am hesitant on my optimism for getting pool space. I am working on getting us space, however CoC pools tend to get too warm for training in the summer. If there is no active plan to keep the water cooler, then we will most likely bypass usage of CoC Pools and stay at Evo, assuming CHS has not re-opened, yet. We do have the ability to cool the Evo pools and we can contribute our team’s aerator to that end if needed. Not ruling CoC out, just trying to stay realistic to the benefit of our team.


Long Course Season

    It is officially cancelled as of Wednesday evening’s Board of Directors’ meeting. Specifically, that means JO’s and both State meets are cancelled. Starlight and all other invites were already cancelled when USA Swimming revoked all sanctions through June. 

    The caveat is there is a chance some small meets could be sanctioned in July, just not championship. Arizona Swimming is ready to support these with quick sanctions. We are waiting for USA Swimming to weigh in with a strong support for us to move ahead with sanctions in July.


Volunteer Hours

    With the loss of Starlight and JO’s we cannot justify the full 20 hour volunteer requirement. However, if we are able to sanction competitions in July, August, and September we will still need volunteer help. So, we will be adjusting the requirement down, but we need more national and state direction before I know how much we bring it down.

    This would be a GREAT time to become a Meet Marshal! We always need more and it takes less than an hour and about $15 to complete. Also, please watch for official training opportunities. DTAC will need more Stroke and Turn officials to be a strong contributor to what will be a new smaller format of swim meets. Smaller meets draw fewer officials from other teams or from the general officials’ pool. The more we can staff from within our own team, the better off we will be.


    Hopefully, everything above makes sense and you understand it’s what stands today, but could change by tomorrow. I should have the Week #3 schedule out within a couple hours.


Swimmingly (now that we’re actually swimming!),


Coach Bryan on behalf of the Desert Thunder Coaching Staff