2020 Long Course State Meet Cancelled

Dear Swimmers, Coaches, Officials, and YMCA Swimming Community,


I hope this letter finds you all in good health. I know it has been a rough few weeks and the future is still unknown at this time.

The state committee met on Sunday May 17th, 2020. At that meeting we made the difficult decision to cancel the Long Course State Meet. Many factors went into this decision.

-          Not knowing when teams would be returning to the pool for practice

-          Not knowing if we would have a facility that would host the meet

-          Not knowing how many people we could have at any facility

-          Not knowing what the state of the situation will be mid-July.


There are too many unknowns for us to run a quality meet for our swimmers. Our number one concern is the safety of our swimmers, coaches, officials, and swimming families and we feel that we cannot provide the level of meet that we have all come to expect with the current state of the covid-19 pandemic.

I know this will come as a disappointment to all involved, but it is the right decision. At this time, we are not planning to reschedule the meet. But we will continue to look at ways to improve and grow Illinois YMCA swimming.

A few things came out of the meeting.

1)    Recognizing our seniors- I am asking all coaches to have their seniors go to


Have them post their picture, their ymca swim team, and where they are going to college in the fall, if they plan on swimming in college, what they plan to major in.


2)    All coaches meeting. We are looking to have our 1st ever coaches meeting with all the head coaches from across the state in July. It will happen via zoom. Just a check in to see how everyone is doing, plans for the fall if known, etc.


We know that times have been difficult for everyone. Please know that we are here for you. Please let us know if we can help you in any way possible.

I look forward to seeing you on the pool deck soon,

Darby Brtva

Illinois YMCA Swimming State Chairman