Pool Update

Good morning,

I am only sending this message to keep members apprised of what we do, and do not know. The school district just emailed us to say we can start renting the pool on June 1st. While this is good news in one regard, I'm concerned about a lack of facility parameters. With the safety of swimmers, parents, and coaches being paramount, I am not going to rush us back into CHS. So, please do not expect a sudden return to what has been. We have a lot to sort through with the district and the other teams. For example, while we continue to swim 2 per lane, I'm not necessarily eager to book us next to a team that is swimming 4 or 5 per lane.

What I didn't want was for you to hear from the grapevine that CHS is open and wonder what we're doing to return. We will not return recklessly. Frankly, all of us are stunned to have been notified the pool would open June 1st, considering the lack of information up to this point in time.

Thank you,

Coach Bryan