Parameters For CHS Pool Usage

Good afternoon Desert Thunder Families,

Below you will find the Safety Parameters as laid out by Chandler High School for the usage of Chandler High School Aquatic Center. They have many similarities to what we have been following at Evo, but I have a couple of customizations that will need to be followed. This is a long one, so settle in and get comfortable.


# of Swimmers Per Lane: CHS is allowing 3 per lane, but DTAC is staying at 2 per lane at least through June 14th. If we can move through that period with no evidence of symptoms and/or positive cases, then some older groups will move to 3 per lane while younger groups stay at 2 per lane for a while longer. The premise for the age difference is it is easier to have older swimmers conduct their practices in a manner to prevent being in each other’s breathing space at the wall, than it is for the younger ones.


Masks: Specifically we will expect swimmers to have masks ON BEFORE EXITING A VEHICLE UNTIL THEY ARE AT THEIR LANE, and ON AFTER EXITING THE WATER UNTIL THEY ARE BACK INSIDE A VEHICLE. I get it that masks are no fun and sometimes we may find other teams letting up, but Desert Thunder will remain vigilant on this.


Point #7 is written as if we were swimming 1 per lane. In the 2 per lane model, swimmers will start from opposite ends. Follow coach instructions.


Transition between practices: We are now going to have more swimmers coming and going with each practice transition. The fire lane gate will be open to ease the bottleneck and allow swimmers to enter and exit 6 feet apart. Wait in vehicles until your swimmer’s coach waves toward the parking lot to come in. Park in the north parking lot where you can see your coach wave. No parking on south side.


Congregation: This would be our primary concern. The facility is for practice, not congregation. The school district made it clear that any parent and/or swimmer congregation could lead to the facility being shut down again. The entire facility and parking lot is on camera, and, yes, they are watching.


Will we continue to increase #’s of swimmers per lane? I believe we will be on something of a roller coaster ride. First, it’s up to facility management to decide how many per lane. Second, it’s a team management decision. As you can see, CUSD is allowing 3 per lane, but I am keeping us at 2 for now. Per my understanding of the illness from health experts, I am not very concerned about June and early to mid July. Personally, I am concerned about the return to school period. Illnesses always spike during that time, and it’s only natural to suspect Corona Virus spread will increase as well. I am working on a model where we may drop back to 1 or 2 per lane for the three weeks or so that all schools return to session. That would mean fewer swims per week for that period, but I believe the caution is warranted. Once we are two weeks into the last students returning to class and have no symptoms and/or cases, then we can approach a cautious return to 2-4 swimmers per lane.


High School Swim Season? We do not know what is happening there. We do suspect all sport decisions will be left to the districts. The AIA is not providing leadership in this regard. Presently, there is a trend of California high school senior student-athletes transferring to AZ schools because they believe AZ schools are more likely to have sports than CA schools. I am planning the fall as if high school swim is occurring, but that is no guarantee.


How will curfew affect us in future weeks? Technically, the Governor’s order can be interpreted that all of you commuting home after practice, after 8 PM, are an EXCEPTION to the curfew order. However, I am not comfortable with any of my driving seniors being pulled over and questioned during curfew. Thus, the schedule is what it is this week. I would prefer to have everyone swimming closer to sunset and after, but that is not the case this week. For planning purposes, I am going to post the Week #5 schedule with the assumption the curfew stands for one more week, just for everyone’s planning purposes. If the curfew is cancelled, then Week #6 practices will move closer to, and after, sundown.


Long Course, Morning Practices? Long course season is cancelled, so there is no need to train long course. Plus, swimming long course reduces the number of swimmers who can use the facility at any given time. We will complete our summer break with an evening schedule, just so we can settle into routine. Return to school is right around the corner (I know, right), so I do not see any benefit to swapping which end of the day we are practicing on.


Will my kid be swimming next to a team allowing more swimmers per lane? No, we are separating teams by a bulkhead and/or one empty lane.


What if other teams are not following the parameters? Report it to Coach Bryan. I’ll talk to the head coach first, report to the school district second. All head coaches were in the same meeting on Saturday when these parameters were established. All head coaches were participants in setting them. Above all else, we follow them, so our usage of the facility is secure and our swimmers are safe.

Safety Parameters for Pool Usage by CHS


1. Parents are not allowed on deck. If parents wish to wait for their child, they must stay in their car if they intend to stay on the property. No exceptions will be permitted.


2. Swimmers must wear a mask as they enter the pool area and then again after they dry off and as     they leave the pool area. No entry on the deck without a mask on.


3. Swimmers will enter only from the south east side of the pool (double gates on the east) and exit only from the north side of the pool (gate by the pump house).


4. No showers or changing will be permitted. Come dressed in your suit and leave in your suit.


5. Swimmers with the following symptoms must stay home:

a. Fever

b. Sneezing, coughing, congestion

c. Nausea or vomiting


6. Maximum of 3 swimmers allowed per lane. 


7. Swimmers in odd lanes will start from the south end of the pool while swimmers in even lanes

will start from the north end of the pool.


8. Practice length will be determined by clubs with a built in passing period. Swimmers will not be allowed on deck until the swimmers from the prior practice have left the pool deck. Swimmers will transition between practices in shifts on opposite sides of the pool, avoiding extended interaction within 6 feet of each other.


9. Pool Facility: The Fire Lane gate will be open for ease of access and providing ample space for walking. Ingress (entrance) the double gates on the South East side of the pool, and egress (exit) will be on the North East side of the pool (Pump House). Please park in the spaces in the North Parking lot, parents do not get out of your vehicle.  


Additional Information:

1. To avoid congregating swimmers at the entrance, please keep swimmers in your vehicle until the coach gives an all clear for swimmers to start coming in.


2. Swimmers may bring their gear bags. Any bags they bring will stay near the start end of their



3. Please approach drop off and pick up like school... wait in your cars in the parking spaces on the North Side of Campus. Arrive a couple of minutes early, so coaches can escort your swimmers out and they can be picked up to avoid congregating. If you are late picking up your swimmers we will be facing a violation of the parameters for usage of the facility.


4. No high fives, hugs, shoulder bumps. Sorry, but we have to avoid contact for now, so all that

fun stuff has to wait.