Dave's Notes --- June 5 ---pools opening soon

Great News! The Governor gave the green light for pools to begin opening June 12th. The Kroc center anticipates that they will be opening on the 15th. As of yesterday, the Kroc center's plan included a lap - swim opening for it's members only with 1 person per lane. But ........they planed to close that time to their members mid-day for deck cleaning, and other things. This left a 2.5 hour window open where we can rent the pool for CAST. From 12:00-2:30 mid day. (could cause transportation issues for our non-driving swimmers....but on the brighter side, if the protests continue, mid day times have been generally very peaceful).

Kroc's plans are to start off strict and relax plans as they go. Likely in 2 week slices. I was told that after the first two weeks, we can anticipate having our old time slots back. At the same time it looks like Granite Hills may also be opening as well- which will give us more options. 

The governor has protocols to follow (just released early evening) that both Kroc and GHHS are now looking at to adapt to their needs. Once those decidions are made, I will be passing them on to you.

I will be sending out bunches of information to you by noon Monday to get everyone ready to get going in the pool by the 15th.

Until then - have a great weekend!

- Coach Dave