Dave's Notes ---- June 8---#1

This note is specific to re-opening, I will be sending out another note regarding nightly  zoom activities next.

Since the announcements Friday by the Governor regarding what is next on the "able to re-open" list. A lot has been going on.

I've spent a fair amount of time over the weekend, as well as the entire morning trying to sort through things.

It's a mess.

As of right now, the county health dept still has not opened pools and the broad term of "all pools" is still not open in SD county, nor are they specifically listed as opeining on June 12th. Although there is confusion because under the what is re-opening on June 12th under Campgrounds / RV Parks and Outdoor facilities (which are allowed to open on the 12th), it states the following:

Additional Considerations for Swimming Pools and Aquatic Venues Campground, RV p ark, and outdoor recreation operator s with swimming pools and splash pads should take additional steps to ensure those facilities are properly cleaned and disinfected for visitor use , according to CDC guidelines .

I also received a forwarded message directly from the SD County Health Department that Pools are not open yet, and clarity is forthcoming.

What I thought was going to happen was that pools would be opened (because the news channels announced it and the governor announced that counties would be cleared to open them). As of this minute I was on a zoom meeting with supervisor Gaspar less than an hour ago with 150 other program and facility leaders, and as of this moment in time - pools in general are not open. 

Because both the Kroc center and GUHSD both need, in writing, from the county that they are free to open, we remain in limbo.

Youth sports are allowed to begin using the guidelines specifically under camps. which includes protocols for stable groups of 12. But until we are given clarity on pools and what will be allowed within pools once they open the school district and the Kroc center cannot come out with their specific rules for their facilities. once they do, we need to make sure our protocols comply - so it doesn't make sense for us to develop CAST protocols before the facilities we will be using release what they will be holding us to.

You may hear of other teams around the county getting back in. This is because they are choosing to go with standards that are approved by the governor, and the nitch that allows camps as well as the nitch that allows campgrounds / rv and outdoor facilities to re-open. Both the Kroc center and GUHSD have to hold themselves to the highest standards for liability reasons, so they are looking for the direct and unequivocal approval from the county health dept. before they proceed.

We are expecting more clarity as the week goes on. As I said in previous weeks the trickle down willbe: Governor - County - then possibly more localized approval (cities have the right to go along with the county or not) - individual organizations like Kroc and GUHSD - then us.

So we're closer.....but not there yet. We still may get to swim on Monday, but it may stretch out a bit more. I am having a coaches meeting tonight to figure out upcoming steps. I don't want to make any promises, but I have considered things we can do to begin some dryland activities, since we're now allowed - under "camps" to provide youth sports in stable groups of 12, until the pools open.

Thanks - and keep your eyes open for more news as the week progresses.

- Coach Dave