Dave's Notes ---- June 9----Kroc pool will open Monday

The county has provided a much clearer picture. Pools are allowed to open as early as Friday, The Kroc center will be opening on Monday 6/15.

They are starting with a limited schedule wiith limtitations on people allowed. The effect that this has on CAST. For the first two weeks we have mid-day time only. Our available time slot for the first two weeks is 12:00 - 2:45.  I am figuring out who will practice when. In order to do this I need confirmations from you.  I will be sending home a list of swimmers / familes who have told us that they want to begin right away.


Most people probably weren't anticipating mid day practices, and may not be available during these hours. We do anticipate being able to go back to late afternoon / early evening practices beginning on the 29th. I am planning on 30- 36 people  for an approximate 90 min practice followed by another 30 -36 people for an approximate 60 minute practice. Generally this will correspond to previous level 3-4-5 followed by level 2 and below.

Please check the list:that is being sent separately. It is a list of all of the swimmers who have said they want to get started ASAP, but because we have to re-group swimmers into groups of 12 or fewer, and the time is mid day, I really need another confirmation in order to make sure we don't forget someone and overfill a group (we cannot do this) or take up spots with people who said they want to start asap, but cannot make it because of the time change.

so please email and confirm one way or another - you can cut and paste this.

____Yes we can attend mid day practices June 15-27

____We are unable to attend mid day practices June 15-27

____Please fit us in once you are back to afternoon / evening time slots.

- please feel free to list any additonal information.

Safety protocol will be coming out some time tomorrow. It's quite extensive. We will be operating under the protocols for "Day Camps". We don't need to call it a camp, but we do have to follow the day camp protocols. Coming your way tomorrow.

Coach Dave