Dave's Notes --- June 14 ---We're baaaaaack

Tomorrow we're beginning our first session back in the pool. I have attached the groupings. If you don't understand how the groupings of 12(or less) work - please refer to your email(s) from Friday 6/9.

Zoom meeting tonight for all parents and/or swimmers to quickly go over logistics and answer questions regarding our return to the pool tomorrow.... Please Join us at 6:00 PM Sunday night.

To Join The Zoom Meetings

Meeting ID: 898 062 451
Password: 481768

Please make sure you sign the waiver - you can send to Coach Dave via e-mail or bring to first practice.

Please look at the attachment for which group your child will be swimming with for session 1.

It's not perfect, some swimmers were placed at times and groups because of siblings.  The main thing is We'll be back in the pool!!!!!! This is our first attempt at a completely different model. Session 2 will return to afternoon and evening swimming (begin 6-27), and we will make adjustments, and continue to improve how we schedule and group and train the swimmers.

Thank you for your patience over the past 3 months.

-Coach Dave